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Bealach Na Ba

"Bealach-na-Ba (Pass of the Cattle) is the UK’s biggest road climb. It rises from sea level to 626m altitude
in 10km. You’re unlikely to have ridden it because it’s set in a remote part of the West Highlands, the
Applecross Peninsula, so it’s very beautiful but also difficult to get to. I managed to sneak a trip up the
Bealach in June when I was on holiday. I appreciated the chance to ride the nearest thing we have to a
proper Alpine col..."

Bike to Bordeaux - Mark Lyford

bike 2 bordeaux – diary
Please note this is a typed copy of my original diary and some may only make limited sense as it was between 10 and 11pm so the writer was a little tired!
Sunday 4th April STAGE 1 Reading - Portsmouth

Duo Normand 2002 - Jon Mulholland

Well, I've just about recovered enough to tell the tale of our French adventures in the Duo-Normand (four weeks of physio seems to have done the trick). Mark Pettitt and I had both intended to ride the Duo-Normand for some time, but were unaware of each other's plans. Fate, however, brought us together a few weeks before the event and we settled on riding as a team. We made some quick sense of the impossibly French entry procedures and received our acceptance in the non-licencies category (the largest category in the event and popular with British testers) two weeks before the off.

Tour of Flanders 2002

Tour of Flanders 2002 - by Rod MacFadyen

Another year, another visit to the Tour of Flanders. The programme: travel on Friday, ride the popular event on Saturday, watch the race and come home on Sunday. The party: me, Mark and Arthur (in my car), Mark P and Della, Alex and Craig. Arthur and Craig had history - in amateur Paris-Roubaix two years ago Arthur had been in the vicinity of a crash Craig had suffered.

Ride Until You're Completely Chateau'd - Roy Booth

Ride Until You're Completely Chateau'd - Roy Booth

More ambitious plans for trips further afield having gone awry, last year the RCC trip to see the Tour de France was reduced to myself, Russell, Jon and Laura Airey, and to the modest journey 200 miles down from Caen to the Loire Valley, to do some cycling - get this, surely some mistake? - on the flat, and to intercept the Tour on stages 2, 3, 5 and 6.