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Updated - Behaviour towards the public when riding in club kit

As Club Secretary, I pick up most general correspondence from people trying to get in touch with the club. This week's bag includes an email from a member of the public (and fellow cyclist) who reports being verbally abused by riders he identifies as being members of RCC. Regardless of how individual riders may be feeling at any time, please remember that our club code of conduct requires that when riding as a club we must behave in a manner that represents Reading Cycling Club in a good light.

Cycling Time Trials AGM


We have received the agenda for Cycling Time Trials 2012 AGM, and note a number of proposals that are likely to be controversial. In particular:

Steve Ferry's LEJoG 2010... in 5 days

Why ride LEJOG? Everyone who does this ride has a reason. It is not undertaken lightly and uses up training time and a fair chunk of holiday allowance.

Dave and Two Johns

Dave and Two Johns

Long time RCC stalwart Dave Gaida is pictured here at the last club TT of the 2010 season, where he retired as an official timekeeper, with local super-vet John Woodburn of VC Meudon and Reading CC President John Barnes.

Romney Marsh ride + video

Romney Marsh ride + video
It's not often I get the opportunity these days to go for a ride away
from home, so I was looking forward to being able to take my bike on
holiday to Kent last week.