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RCC 2011 AGM Minutes

The club AGM was held on October 5th 2011. The meeting covered 2011 officials' reports, election of 2012 officials, and debate on submitted motions. As a result of lively discussion and subsequent voting, the club will disaffiliate from RoadPeace, there will be increased levies for non-first-claim members in club time trials, and there will be no organised club social rides on days when there is a club event being promoted.

For full details, see the attached minutes.

2011 AGM and 2010/2011 Committee Meeting Minutes

The 2011 AGM is at 8pm on Wednesday October 5th at the New Hope Centre, 95 York Road, RG1 8DU.

It's important that as many club members as possible attend the meeting in order to ensure that the club will continue to operate smoothly next year. Several key committee posts remain to be filled as the current holders are resigning (e.g. Treasurer, Road Racing, Newsletter, Press). Please consider how you can help contribute to the running of your club in 2012.

For reference, minutes of the last year's committee meetings are attached.

2011 Reading Club Evening Events - Revised

Full list of club Time Trial events for 2010. Secret Decoder Ring for the TT course codes is under the Time Trial menu and the Course Maps link...

For Club Championships, riders must contact the TT Secretary by email two weeks in advance of the event. TT Secretary's email link is on the committee page.

Revised 14 Apr, all May/June events moved from A4 Aldermaston area due to roadworks.

Committee Minutes Nov 2010 to Jan 2011

For your edification and enjoyment, the minutes of the RCC Committee Meetings from November 2010, December 2010 and January 2011 are attached.

Barry Quick - General Secretary

David Ivory released from Hospital

David Ivory was released from Hospital at the end of last week, to continue his recovery at home. He spoke to the Reading Evening Post about his feelings after the accident.

RCC Bike Week Events

Reading CC is organising a few events connected with Bike Week, please look at the links below for more details.

There is a Club Run for Beginners , a Come & Try It Time Trial and a Training Ride for Beginners .