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Time Trial Result

Twyford cc132 10-mile time trial 19th April

A sunny and dry evening produced a decent turn-out for our second visit to Twyford. Will Haynes showed his class with a narrow win on his road bike but there were good rides throughout. JC as highest placed RCC scoops 20 Dave Finch points to take an early lead in that competition. Thanks go to helpers Dave Gaida and Graham Patterson.

1 Will Haynes Planet-X 23:34
2 Martin Cairns GSH 23:38
3 James Churchard RCC 24:07
4 Gavin Spiers GSH 24:18
5 Richard Abraham CATI 24:30
6 Steve Butcher GSH 24:47
7 Matt Hayden GSH 24:59
8 Rob Thompson RCC 25:08
9 Paul Whitehorne RCC 25:23

Waltham St Lawrence 10-mile TT 5th April 2016

A lovely day gave way to a chillier than expected evening however it did ensure a solid turn-out with good representation from RCC riders. As one might expect Nick English was a class apart but there were many good early season rides. Nice to see former club secretary Colin Bates turning a pedal in anger again.

Twyford CC132 10-mile TT 12th April 2016

# Name Club Time
1 Haydn James RCC/Velolife 23:43
2 Martin Cairns GSH 23:52
3 James Churchard RCC 24:30
4 Gavin Spiers GSH 24:32
5 Rod MacFadyen RCC 24:48
6 Andy Morgan Tri2O 25:04
7 Rob Thompson RCC 25:29
8 Gary Ford Team Bottrill 25:45
9 Matt Hayden GSH 26:00
10 Duncan Clarke RCC 26:01
11 Paul Whitehorne RCC 26:08
12 Gary Barlow RCC 26:53
13 Richard Abraham CATI 26:55
14 Pete Warren GSH 27:34
15 Ray & Wendy Bennett(T) RCC 27:47
16 Ian Armstrong   RCC 28:24

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Club TT results 29/03/16 Waltham St Lawrence 10 HCC234

Last season we did not lose a single club TT to weather but standing in the cold rain in Mare Lane on Tuesday evening I was tempted to call off our first event of 2016. Three expectant faces looked at me. No, the show had to go on. Many thanks to Dave Gaida for pushing off and locating the exact finish point and to Warren Davies for showing up at all given how wet he was.