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Time Trial Result

Club TT result 9/8/2016 - HCC259 Nettlebed/Pishill

It was a rather breezy and cool evening on which most riders did not manage to improve their times for this course. Dan Bigham was the notable exception. He trounced the rest of the field and pretty much every Strava segment on the course to demolish his own course record.

Club TT Tuesday 2nd August HCC175 Ewshot

The weather was a bit drier to the south of Reading so the fearsome opening hill could be taken on dry roads. Well done Haydn for a clear win. Nice to see a good turn-out from Tri2O. My thanks to Paul Whitehorne for assisting and making it possible for the riders to have a crack at Ewshot.

Club TT Tuesday 19th H10/2 Maidenhead Thicket

Huge thanks to Graham Patterson, Haydn James and Colin Bates for running the TT on Tuesday. Haydn reports:
"Everyone finished in a very sweaty state, on what I believe was the hottest July day in 10 years; with some top times all round. Quite a few on road bikes tonight, sorry I forgot to mark down who those riders were!" So perhaps not the hoped-for float evening.

Tuesday 12th July 15-mile Time Trial, Aldermaston

Tuesday 12th was our final visit to Aldermaston this summer. Some things there never change, the 19:30 start, the artics parked up in the start layby. What was new was to be racing at the 15-mile distance. Conveniently that’s one Thatcham-Theale loop with start/finish both in the usual layby, artics and all.
Huge thanks to Ray Bennett who put out the signage, pushed off and helped with timekeeping, and to Hadyn Rhys James who held the watch.
Conditions were good with dry roads and a slight crosswind. Rod M squeaked out a 2s win over James Churchard.

Bucklebury circuit CC201b TT Tuesday 5th July

Yet more temporary traffic lights just after the start meant a shortened course was used this evening. The finish was in the usual place.
Trevor Warwick, sign-on
James Churchard, Pusher off
Pete Stocker, Timekeeper
Ray & Wendy, signage.

1 Martin Cairns, GSH, 38.28
2 Paul Gray, RCC, 38.58
3 Ant Hough, Tri2o, 39.36
4 Daniel Dale, -, 41.52
5 Paddy Ashcroft, RCC 43.37
6 Rob Thompson, RCC, 43.45
7 Ray and Wendy Bennett, RCC, 44.28

Club Championship 25-Mile TT, Tuesday 28th June, H25/1 result

I'd like to say the conditions were good last evening and you should have been there... but they weren't. It was cool, wet and windy and there was a rain shower half way through the event. Hadyn slid off on wet roads at the final roundabout but jumped straight back on his bike to win anyway, putting in a gritty ride to become your 25-mile champion for 2016.