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Time Trial Result

Club TT 06/05, HCC132 - Twyford

Despite the gusty wind, darkening skies and the ever present threat of a rainstorm, eleven riders took on the Twyford circuit. Luckily the rain held off until after the event and the roads, despite the poor surfaces, remained dry.

Club TT 22/04, HCC175 - Eweshot

Fellow Time Trialists

Tonight saw the away leg of the Reading CC TT series with a visit to the distant Ewshot. With a scattered field of riders between the lay-by and the top of Jackals Hill, and a less than punctual start by myself, a 15 minute delay was inevitable. Warren and I got 14 of the 15 riders off safely, with Ian Armstrong of Tri20 having a mechanical before the start line.

Club TT 15/04, H10/10 - Fifield

Fellow Time Trialists

It was a fine evening for this weeks time trial, as the riders moved to the busy Fifield course.  An early start and a long way from Reading may have accounted for only eight riders signing on at 1830. Some good times were recorded however; although no one managed to get under 23 minutes, and a few riders were hindered by traffic, particularly unlucky was GS Henley’s Hamish Floyd.

Club TT 08/04, HCC132 - Twyford

A field of 10 riders gathered on the Twyford course for the first of the Dave Finch TT series of 2014. A smaller field than last week, but this was probably due to the weather not being quite as warm!

The racing was very close with the top spot being taken by Adam Thompson (RCC) in 23:56 with Martin Cairns (RCC) just 2 seconds behind. The top three was rounded out by Darren Parker (Python RT) with a time of 24:12.

Report by Dan Hedges : Thanks to all Helpers

Club TT 01/04, HCC234 - Waltham

The first evening TT of the 2014 season was held on the Waltham circuit in almost perfect conditions, slightly cool but sunny with enough light for the last riders to complete the course safely.