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Time Trial Result

Club TT 10/06, H10/1 - Aldermaston

There was no confusion this evening, the roadworks were gone and all that remained was a 15mph South-Westerly and a warm dry road. Even Stew House and the tandem of Ray and Wendy Bennett felt the weather good enough to get out. This evening was the first club championship in the RCC Tuesday night series for 2014; a quick 10 miles up and down the A4, west of Aldermaston.

Club TT 03/06, H10/1 - Aldermaston

Fellow Time Trialists

Tonight saw our first visit to the Aldermaston course. A firm favourite amongst the club testers and outsiders alike as fast times are a given. A brief shower passed whilst riders queued on the busy lay-by on the side of the A4.

Club TT 27/05, H10/2 - Maidenhead

The overcast skies turned to penetrating rain just in time for the five riders who decided to brave the elements on the A4 Maidenhead course for the first time this season.

Announcement: Reading CC Open TT series 2014

Reading Cycling Club is proud to announce our open TT series for 2014, consisting of the best 3 result from the following events -

Sunday June 8th - 50 Miles - H50/8
Sunday August 10th - 25 Miles - H25/8
Saturday August 30th - 10 Miles - H10/8
Sunday September 21st - 2 Hills Hill Climb - HCC012 & HCC005

The following prizes will be awarded -

£100 1st scratch and women and vet on standard
£50 2nd scratch and women and vet on standard
£25 3rd scratch and women and vet on standard
£90 1st team on scratch
£60 2nd team on scratch

Club TT 13/05, HHC015 - Pishill

Fellow Time Triallists

 A sunny evening ensued after the showers passed over, leaving only a little standing water outside the Crown Inn at the foot of Pishill. Step forward man of the moment Martin Cairns who signed on for this years Dave Finch hill climb. A few GS Henley riders stopped to watch as he rode past in a blur of yellow and completed the hill climb in fantastic 6.06. Rod arrived somewhat later than the official sign on but also achieved a respectable 6.59.

Dave Finch Series update - 7 May 2014

Hi everyone,


Just a quick update of the Dave Finch (Hilly TTs) and the 10 Handicap (Points) Competitions.