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Time Trial Result

Twyford HCC132 10-mile time trial Tuesday 25 April, result

At 17.30 it was hailing hard in Reading but over on the Twyford course the roads were dry. With the discouraging weather just six people signed up to ride. A thin and fit Paul Gray bagged 20 DF points but props to all who rode on a very cold evening. The hail was starting again as the last rider handed in his number. On the way home my Garmin got down to 0.5C.
Thanks go to helpers: Ray and Wendy for excellent signage, Graham and Paddy for TK duties.

Twyford HCC132 10-mile TT 11th April: result

Nice weather for racing on 11th April being dry, bright and mild.

HCC234 Waltham St Lawrence 10-mile TT 18/4/17 - result

A sunny but chilly evening brought out 11 riders. The NE breeze was unhelpful but Hadyn was still able to record a rarely-seen 22 on this circuit course. A few of us got slightly held up by traffic caught behind leisure riders but that's just the nature of this course.

Waltham St Lawrence 10 mile TT, Tuesday 4/4/17

The evening may have been cool, dull and a little breezy for the first event of the season but 16 riders turned out to race the WSL circuit on Tuesday 4th April.

Tuesday TT 30th August 2016, Waltham St Lwrence 10 miles

What a lovely evening! Warm and sunny with a bit of a SW breeze. We weren’t the only people enjoying the weather and some riders were delayed by horses.

Tuesday TT Twyford HCC132 23 Aug 16

For the penultimate events of the season we had 15 riders. Massive thanks to officials Graham Patterson, Mike Fenwick, John Frisby and signage star Ray Bennett. Weather was stunning at the close of a hot sunny day and the roads were busy with other cyclists.