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"Club Run" Reports - 10 Jan 2010

"Club Run" Reports - 10 Jan 2010

From Adrian Lawson: Gavin Spiers, Tom Sugden, Steve Bale and myself went out with Martin and Paul from the CTC offroad group mountain biking to the north of Reading.

First Clubrun of 2010

I arrived at the Queen Vic at 8.55am expecting to find a whole bunch of cyclists, fired up with New Year vigour, ready and raring to go - after all, the temperature was slightly above 0C and the sun was shining. But was surprised to find just one other rider !

Sunday Clubrun, December 20th. Anything from brisk to dead slow ride

Ellis Adlam writes: I arrived at Market Place at 9.02 to find it empty so didn't know if other hardy souls had already left or if I was the only one daft enough to venture out. Two other reasonably new to Reading CC riders turned up within a few seconds so our ride was just three.

Re: Clubrun Sunday Nov. 15th 2009 'The Tale of the Open Cafe`'

As Robin struggled to repair a split tyre, Trevor's group went on its way leaving 24 riders waiting to move off albeit 15 minutes late. However, by the time we arrived at Sandford Lane after about 20mins riding, it was clear that such a large group with a wide mix of  abilities wasn't going to work. Malc stopped the group to sort things out and luckily, Graham Hindle volunteered to take the more capable riders on.

A tale of 3 closed cafes and one that was open

A tale of 3 closed cafes and one that was open
The medium group split in two today, with me leading a group of 10, and Malcolm ending up with a slightly larger group.  I went a fairly conventional route over to Burnham Beeches, via Wargrave, Crazies Hill, Hurley, [puncture], Marlow, Bourne End. The roads were pretty wet and leaf-strewn which needed a lot of care in places. After Bourne End we headed straight up Kiln Lane, which had everyone (I think) firmly in their bottom gear, as it's a bit of a leg-breaker.

Torture 45 and 30 - Results 2009

Fabulous spring weather for the event this year, unlike last year which set off into cold and sleet. The full (and complicated!) results are attached. The summary is that:

  • The fastest riders were Rory West, Steve Bale, Gavin Spiers, Trevor Bradbury and Joe Harris (143.28 minutes)
  • The "most powerful" rider was Mike Fenwick (1.57 minutes/kilogram)
  • The "least age affected" rider was Dennis Boltwood (2.591 minutes/year)

So congratulations to all of you who got round the course.