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RCC Anthony Maynard Reliability Trial - 10th March 2019

** Route update **

Please note that there are road works with a road closure on the planned route at Winter Hill Road as you enter Cookham Dean Common from Pinkney’s Green. We have reviewed all options and have decided that the safest alternative is to follow the diversion.

The diversion is at Winter Hill Road – please follow the road to the right down Choke Lane all the way to the bottom then turn left onto Dean Lane back towards Marlow.

Protest at CPS offices

Protest at CPS offices

Members of Reading CC protested on Friday at the Reading office of the Crown Prosecution Service, against the decision not to prosecute the driver who killed Anthony Maynard, and seriously injured Dave Ivory, exactly one year ago.

Roy Booth delivered the following message to the CPS. In a symbolic gesture, a red-stained "ghost bicycle" was chained to the sign outside the CPS office.

Why we are here today: Anthony Maynard, killed at Bix, 2008.

Club Committee's Comments on Anthony Maynard Inquest Verdict

The committee of Reading Cycling Club learned with dismay that the inquest into the death of Anthony Maynard, held in Oxford on January 27th, returned a verdict of ‘accidental death’. We had hoped that the inquest might have challenged the highly questionable decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to take the driver who had killed and injured to court.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the Maynard family.

Anthony Maynard Funeral

Monday July 21st was Anthony Maynard's funeral. The hearse was accompanied from the Maynards' home to the funeral by a silent procession of 70+ cyclists, the majority wearing their Reading colours. It was an impressive sight from within this "peloton", and must have looked quite striking to all the passers-by. Thames Valley Police assisted by providing an escort vehicle that did an excellent job of allowing the procession to progress unhindered through the busy traffic in centre of Reading. The funeral was attended by a couple of hundred mourners - far too many, in fact, to fit in the hall at the crematorium. This was a clear indication of the impact Anthony's life had on so many.

At the funeral, we heard moving tributes to Anthony from Sue, Dave and Theresa, also from Anthony's grandfather, uncle and cousins. Roy Booth gave a tribute from all of us in the club.

It was an emotional occasion for all, but still with some moments of humour as people brought back memories of Anthony with their words.

Dave expressed his thanks to everyone who had provided support over the last couple of weeks. Some club members, particularly Nick Crocker, Adrian Lawson and Roy Booth have been to the fore in these efforts.

The funeral was covered by BBC South Today, which showed views of the cortege, the crowd at the crematorium and a short interview with Adrian Lawson.

The main news page with tributes to Anthony can be found here.

Anthony Maynard

Anthony Maynard, son of Dave Maynard, who many in the club knew well, and counted as a good friend, lost his life in a road traffic accident while out cycling on Thursday July 3rd. David Ivory, who was the only other rider with Anthony at the time, also sustained serious injuries and is in the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

The club would like to express its deepest sympathy and condolences to Anthony's family, as they come to terms with this appalling news. Our thoughts are also with David Ivory and his family.

Roy Booth has expressed eloquently what I think we will all be feeling today:

"I have been with RCC since the late 1980's; this is the worst thing that has happened in the club in that time. Everyone who knew and rode with either Anthony or his father could only hold both of them in the deepest affection. Always good humoured, always acting in their characteristic way, a father and son with such deeply harmonious interests, formidable performers on the bike and the nicest, most principled men off it. Those members of the club committee that have heard this dreadful news have all reacted with the uttermost shock and dismay, as will the club membership at large. We have all lost a friend.

All our thoughts will be with Dave, with Anthony's mother, and the rest of the Maynard family, at this awful time, and we will never forget in the future. "

Anthony Maynard in 2003

Some thoughts and memories from other club members: