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Reading CC has been promoting cycling in Berkshire since 1974. With over 200 members, the club is dedicated to giving cyclists the opportunity to race, ride and enjoy life on two wheels. We have something on offer for all sporting riders, with a series of evening time trials throughout the racing season, several social rides every week along with road racing, sportives, audax and cyclo-cross. We welcome new members to participate in all these activities. Please browse the site to learn more about us, and don't hesitate to contact a member of the committee for further information. Click here for how to join.

Twyford CC132 10-mile TT 12th April 2016

# Name Club Time
1 Haydn James RCC/Velolife 23:43
2 Martin Cairns GSH 23:52
3 James Churchard RCC 24:30
4 Gavin Spiers GSH 24:32
5 Rod MacFadyen RCC 24:48
6 Andy Morgan Tri2O 25:04
7 Rob Thompson RCC 25:29
8 Gary Ford Team Bottrill 25:45
9 Matt Hayden GSH 26:00
10 Duncan Clarke RCC 26:01
11 Paul Whitehorne RCC 26:08
12 Gary Barlow RCC 26:53
13 Richard Abraham CATI 26:55
14 Pete Warren GSH 27:34
15 Ray & Wendy Bennett(T) RCC 27:47
16 Ian Armstrong   RCC 28:24

Club TT results 29/03/16 Waltham St Lawrence 10 HCC234

Last season we did not lose a single club TT to weather but standing in the cold rain in Mare Lane on Tuesday evening I was tempted to call off our first event of 2016. Three expectant faces looked at me. No, the show had to go on. Many thanks to Dave Gaida for pushing off and locating the exact finish point and to Warren Davies for showing up at all given how wet he was.

Spring Onion, Surrey Hills Cyclone, and Battle of Bradfield sportives March 2016

Paul East reports:
"I didn't see Ranjit this time but the two events did come together on occasions.
I used The Spring Onion as a practice for the upcoming May Mash Up as it is part of the course. It was 65 miles but with plenty of hills from the off culminating with Combe Lane near the end and then a fast sprint back to the finish at Cobham. I finished 35th of 230 in 3:47:12 for silver standard."

Ranjit Bahra reports:
"On Sunday 20th March I rode the Epic distance (85 miles/5590 feet) of Surrey Hills Cyclone sportive (UKCE/Cycling Weekly).

RCC Torture 40 2016

RCC are presenting their annual Torture 40 challenge on Sunday 10th April 2016 at 0900 am. It’s been described as a mini Marmotte due to the hills, and Reading’s Paris / Roubaix due to the time of year, and the possible conditions!!! This is open to both RCC members and non-members.

As last year we will be using Strava to carry out timings, but this is not a race. However, there is a ‘King of the Mountains’ (KOM) prize for 1st claim RCC members based on the lowest agregate time on four of the Strava segments on major climbs.

Cycling Weekly Wiltshire Wildcat - Salisbury Saturday March 12th 2016; Hell of the Ashdown

Cycling Weekly Wiltshire Wildcat - Salisbury Saturday March 12th 2016

Our two riders report:

Paul East
“The start was delayed for an hour due to fog, however there were still dense patches early on making it very difficult to see. I started quickly, on my own for most of the ride, which I paid for later.After a few steep climbs and with about 25 of the 81 miles left I was grateful for the feed station as I was beginning to bonk. Refuelled and a short break I carried on and up the final climb to the finish at Salisbury racecourse in 4:46:40 for a gold standard.”

Ranjit S Bahra