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Officials Duties & Responsibilities

Assisting the committee with the managerial direction of the club Planning and running monthly committee meetings. Acting as spokesperson/figurehead if required to do so.

General Secretary
Supporting the administration of the club, Facilitating committee meetings including room hire, recording and circulating minutes of meetings.
Dealing with club correspondence with other organisations.

Manage the finances of the club on a regular basis. Pay bills and affiliation fees as they fall due, Bank income as it arises, Produce an annual budget to guide club spending over the year, Produce a set of annual accounts for approval at the club's AGM Provide financial support for secretaries of sporting disciplines and organisers of Open events, Make advanced payments for facilities and provide cash floats in advance of events, Settle levy payments directly with organising bodies, Check and audit organiser's income and expense report Provide support to Membership Secretary to collect and bank membership subscriptions in an efficient and orderly manner Provide financial support for Clothing Secretary to maintain adequate stocks Efficient record-keeping is necessary to tie up invoices, bills and receipts with bank transactions, to be able to vouch for the probity of each transaction. A computer with Internet access is essential for online banking. The treasurer should report on the state of the club's finances at each monthly committee meeting, and present annual accounts for approval by the AGM. In addition the committee may chose at its discretion to appoint an auditor to formally inspect and sign-off the accounts

Cyclo Cross Secretary
The role of the CX secretary is to promote cyclo-cross within the club and local community. To achieve this the secretary ideally undertakes the following specific items:
Find an organiser for the club’s open CX promotion, the Bill Higson memorial CX
Assist the organiser of the Bill Higson
Raise awareness throughout the club of what is involved in CX competition
Undertake cyclo-cross skills sessions to teach those new to the branch of the sport
Ensure the CX web pages reflect the current news and relevant details for all, including the public for the Bill Higson event
Ensure club affiliations are registered and liase with the Wessex League
Represent the club to relevant CX bodies: currently Wessex League and BC
Monitor riders and their progress to co-ordinate team activity
The CX calendar traditionally opens with the 3 Peaks on the last weekend in September but recent years there has been a trend a for early September events too. So the secretary needs to be gearing up for skills sessions and evangelising as early as August. Affiliation to the league is also due around this time. Once the racing season is underway there are races nearly every weekend until the mid January when the nationals are. Before the season starts keep abreast of any rule changes in the league and inform the club. Throughout the season monitor riders and report back to the club as much as required. And the big event in the season will be the Bill Higson. Manage that as required. For the organiser of the Bill Higson the date setting with the League is Spring some time. The league secretary will contact the club cx secretary inviting the club to promote. This will be after the league AGM so that any format changes are incorporated in the calendar for the next season. The organiser of the club open event has a whole other list of roles that are documented in the BC CX Organiser’s handbook. It should be noted that I believe the Bill Higson to be the longest continuously running Wessex League event on the calendar.

Clothing Secretary
Ensure that the club has RCC branded clothing for racing and riding. There are options as to how this is achieved and the clothing secretary and committee have to determine how best this is achieved. Clothing is expensive and by far the biggest item in the club accounts and as such diligence and close liaison with the Treasurer is required. The clothing secretary, with committee approval, is responsible for the following:
Selecting a clothing supplier
Choosing an ordering system: pre-ordered or holding stock
Maintaining a good working relationship with the clothing supplier
Listening to club feedback as to requirement. ie. quality vs. cost
Finding someone to hold the stock
Keeping accurate records of sales and returns and passing these to the treasurer
Stock control for order levels
Stock control for budget purposes
Keeping abreast of the industry and alternative suppliers
Keeping abreast of committee matters and how policy may affect the clothing.
This is particularly relevant with regard to sponsors but an example would be if we were to affiliate (heaven forbid!) to a triathlon organisation we would require different lines of kit. Currently we operate on a stock held basis so orders are done when stock is low and there is no specific calendar. However, due to the large cost of the orders close liaison with the treasurer is required and the club needs to be in a ‘up’ phase, ie. once the subs have been received.

Time Trial Secretary
Submit Club Open Events to CTT West London DA and attend AGM
Plan Club Evening Events and submit them to CTT West London DA for approval.
Petition club members for potential timekeepers to cover events
Keep records of club evening events and update competitions such as Handicap and Dave Finch.
Verify club prize submissions

Club Coach
Support RCC members (FOC) in their desire to improve performance.
Improve personal knowledge base
Encourage RCC members to train appropriately
Write articles for the CLUB magazine on coaching and training
Some training programmes should be written by the coach. Bear in mind though that with 200 members it is important to keep this in context.

Welfare Secretary
Introduce themselves to any non adult riders
Be aware of Club activities and understand that some people may find them too hard.
In this case the Welfare Officer should be able to give advice
Understand the child and vulnerable adult protection policy
Know how to escalate any problems that might occur

Membership Secretary
Process membership applications.
Send out membership cards.
Provide information to inquiries for membership.
Send out information pack as required to new members or existing members on request.
Provide initial list of club events and gather list of helpers. This will be passed to organisers in March.
Maintain list of members in a sensible format and keep application for at least the last three years.
Eat, drink, be merry and cycle too much.

Magazine Editor
The role of the magazine editor is essentially to gather, write edit and collate material for the periodic magazine - Tailwind.
Tailwind typically includes articles covering riding activities of members who have written about their adventures, as well as other cycling related articles and the club events calendar showing the dates of time trials, sportives, road races etc. It also serves to update members with regard to the club's finances and membership levels, and any other items of interest. The editor has to liaise with Conservatree regarding the typesetting and organising of the articles with final publication and design of the magazine being done by Conservatree and invoiced to the Treasurer.

Club Runs Sescretary
Recruit leaders for rides on a regular basis so as to avoid gaps in the runs list and try to get reserve leaders for when the group is too large.
Continue to encourage inexperienced members to lead rides.
Produce runs list with destinations and GR’s and keep membership up to date with start times, leaders, average speeds etc.
Compose leaders guide lines with particular emphasis on ride etiquette.
Always look to add interest to the runs list especially in the summer months eg hilly routes, longer routes, non stop rides, new come and try it rides.

The weekly duties of the Press Secretary include collating inputs from members, editing those into a readable report, and emailing it out to the club and newspapers. The Press Secretary is always in need of good quality photographs of the membership in action. He or she may need to solicit input either generally or from club members known to have been undertaking some significant cycling event. On occasion, the Press Secretary may be invited to speak on local radio about current cycling issues. The role suits someone who has a broad interest in cycling, likes staying in touch with club news, can write lucid English, can select and edit photographs, and who is IT-literate.

Road Race Secretary
The role of the road race secretary is to promote road racing within the club and be the first point of contact for members interested in road racing. Ideally the road race secretary undertakes several duties as part of the role. Find an organiser for the club's open road race promotion and assist the organiser. Undertake road race skills sessions for those members interested in road racing and organise a member’s only race. Use the club web page and group email to promote racing within the club. Ensure club affiliations are registered. Be aware of racing members results and progress during the year, and co-ordinate team activity where possible.

Track Race Secretary
The role of the track secretary is to be the first point of contact for members interested in track cycling, and promote track cycling and racing within the club at every opportunity. They will update and use the club web page and group email to promote track cycling within the club. This will be during the winter for training and during the summer for racing, and cater for beginners to experts. They will be aware of racing members, their results, and progress during the year, and co-ordinate team activity where possible, particularly at the 'Reading Track League' at Palmer Park.

Where possible, they are to arrange and co-ordinate outings to other velodromes and events. They are to liaise with the other secretaries where required to ensure track cycling is well represented and supported by Reading Cycling Club.