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Clubrun Reports - 22 April 2013

By twarwick - Posted on 22 April 2013

A large turnout this weekend, and three successful rides led by Arthur, Darren and Trevor. The club always needs new ride leaders, so if you've enjoyed yourself on a clubrun, please consider volunteering in future.

Paul Gray on the Fast ride:

Darren offered to lead us out to West Wycombe with a unusally big group of 11 leaving Reading.
With a number of strong riders we were straight away making good progress. Via Woodcote, Wallingford and Clare hill, the roads were fairly clear of stones but still plenty of potholes to point out. Realizing this was a fairly big loop out some people bailed out at 10.30 so just 6 (Darren, Huw, Mark, Tim, Nick and myself) made it to the cafe having battled the climb out of Chinnor and a good fast descent of Bedlow Ridge.

Not having been to this cafe for quite a while, we were unsure what to expect, but it was fine sitting outside in view of the bikes, either with very small bits of flakjack or enormous pieces of cake.

Then a quick climb to Stokenchurch and each of us working hard to keep the pace up along to Christmas Common, we opted to descend to Turville, Stoner and Henley, by which time Tim and Mark were cooked, and the rest managed to push on to Wargrave and Reading.

My stats were 88 miles back to Wokingham, 1100m climbing at a really high 20.8 mph ave. speed.
This being one of the fastest clubruns I have done I hope others were not to bothered about being dropped at times as I am sure it's good to test yourself occasionally.

So a great fun but hard ride trying to get fitter for the Summer



Arthur Satterley on the Brisk ride:

For my first club run since last October, I did not expect to be automatically selected as a leader. But so it was. We were ten riders. I had no idea who most of them were. Stick Man will know who he is and Sir Chris Hoy - well he will probably identify himself with that title.

Being route-rusty I led out of Reading the wrong way for Popham and ended up trying for most of the ride to get West but was mostly frustrated by junctions and ridges.

This led me to override various Garmin devices, the slaves of which seemed incapable of coming up with a quick answer to the question "where now?". Giving these technologies 5 seconds to tell me, and finding them wanting, I decisively took the pack up a road that turned into hard packed gravel and then soil. We turned round and, still not effectively Gar-min-ing it, went the right way, which was only the right way by some form of vague feeling in my bones.

Next we came across a dog in a tunnel, as we always do. One fine fellow said he did not know what that was. I wondered how something so obvious could be so. Oh, but the highlight of the ride was a hare that we met which ran alongside us at probably a fraction of its maximum speed. Impressive creatures, I always think.

So we arrived in the vicinity of Popham over some gravelly flinty lanes without punctures. We were just in time to see a Russian Yak take off, sounding like it had quite a large engine. Sort of interesting, too, watching the lighter craft attempt to land while their wings were flipped up dramatically by a near to ground crosswind. But the sweltering heat sat at the tables outside was something even more remarkable to us with cold feet.

The route home was simple, via the Hanningtons. I arrived home with 65 miles 106km at 28.6kph. Some of us were demolished at the finish, others were really quite fresh, so a mixed group, but we made it round together and some said they had enjoyed it and so on. Fair enough, a "probable" success then.



Trevor Warwick on the Steady ride:

There was a big turnout at the Queen Vic today, with a lack of leaders, so people had a choice of the fast group (see Paul's note), a brisk ride with Arthur, or a steady ride with me to Root 1. After the others had left, there were 20 or so in the steady group, but we didn't seem to be causing too much problem for other traffic once out of Reading, so I decided to keep everyone together. A few new faces, one or two old ones, and some like Dave Brown, we haven't seen for ages. The route was going to be longer out and shorter back, so off we went through Playhatch, Sonning Common, Kidmore End, Exlade Street, Woodcote, down Gerry Bryant Hill and left to Goring. A slog over the first few rollers of the A417 and then right down to Cholsey, over Cholsey Down (always a lovely little climb), the Moretons and straight into Root 1 at about 10.45 as I thought they may take a long time to serve such a big group.

I was right... so we left at about 11.30 I guess, having bumped into Dave Gaida in the cafe. Then Wallingford, Nuffield, where all the people who'd hadn't been at the front all day shot past me on the hill in time honoured fashion, well done lads, and Stoke Row. Here some of the off-the-front cuplrits got their just reward by tagging onto a couple of Sportive riders and blasting right past the turning, never to be seen again. The rest went down to Sonning Common where we split. Some headed straight back to Reading and some of us went towards Binfield Heath and ultimately Sonning. After Sonning Common, Dave sowed the seeds of a tense afternoon at home, by winding it up and causing Sarah to get dropped. Hope that rolling pin wasn't too painful :)

83km for me at 24.5kph, which seems surprisingly low, but I suppose it was a lumpy route.