You are hereReading Cycling Club press report, week ending 24 Feb 2013

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 24 Feb 2013

By rod - Posted on 26 February 2013

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 24 Feb 2013

Reading CC Reliability Ride

The Reading CC Reliability Trial is the first scheduled event of the RCC road cycling season and took place on Sunday. Despite a bitter wind and some snowflakes about 40 warmly dressed riders from Reading CC and local clubs were present at the start in Thames Valley Park. Riders were sent off in groups aiming to take a specific time for the 87km course. The route wound its way through the Chilterns via Marlow, Christmas Common, Ewelme and Goring.

Rod MacFadyen rode with the 3-hour group: "After a winter without much cycling I did not want to be at the front as we headed off into the NE wind and soon found myself holding station at the back of the pack. Along the A4, Reading CC clubrun regulars such as Mike Fenwick, Paul Gray, Adam Thompson and Nick Davies maintained a good pace. The long shallow climb out of Marlow to Frieth sometimes breaks groups apart but our pack was well-matched and we stuck together through this and the next climb, Dolesden Lane. Along the top of the Chilterns there was ice and thin snow by the road and, briefly, some snowfall. On the shallow ascent of Clare Hill I had a worrying moment as I rode through a patch of slushy ice but I stayed upright. The last climb was Flint Hill out of Goring. The youthful pairing of Chris Thomsett and Jamil Gaida scampered off the front of the remaining riders but a few of us were together again at Lane End and rode briskly to the finish which we reached 21 minutes inside our target time. The ride was well organised and I appreciated the effort made by helpers on a day where the temperature was never above 2C."
Organiser Brian Perry commented: "Well done folks; despite pretty cold weather 48 set off and 40 riders finished. The 'most reliable' rider was Matt Tolhurst of GS Henley, just 25 seconds within his target time for group 2!"

Photo caption: A well wrapped-up Chris Thomsett, first rider to reach the finish of the Reading CC Reliability Ride
Photo: R MacFadyen

Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club