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Clubrun Reports, 2 Sep 2012

By twarwick - Posted on 03 September 2012

Part of an occasional series put together from the reports sent to the club's mailing list. This weekend there were four different rides, ranging from the uneventful to the very eventful.

Trevor Warwick led the uneventful steady ride:

I led a group of 8 other riders (Simon, Gordon, Denise, Phil, Robin, Sue, Malcolm and Stuart) to Nuneham Courtenay. Overcast skies and occasional drizzle made me regret my choice of dark sunglasses, but on the other hand there was little wind and it wasn't cold.

We went a straightforward route through Kidmore End, Stoke Row, Nuffield, Cookley Green, Watlington, Chalgrove, Stadhampton, then a bit further up the road towards Cowley and a left turn back through the Baldons to the GC for 10.50 with 50km done from Reading. Everyone had kept up well, and we were cruising along nicely at 32kph+ on the flat bits in Oxfordshire.

Phil left us to make his own way back home to Cholsey, and we headed back through Newington, Britwell Salome, Benson, and up Nuffield Hill. Then back to Stoke Row and Sonning Common where we split up. Total 100km for me at 26ish kph when I got home to Twyford just after 1pm.

Arthur Satterley led a small brisk ride to Alton:

I really fancied Ranjit's suggestion of Alton - along many roads we and I have not been along for a decade - so stopped by Queen Vic in case anyone wanted to join me. Fred Hale and a new rider Adam, ex Oxford CC, decided to come along which was nice. Fred wanted to be back by 1, and I promised him that.

So I headed south pretty quick down to Hartley Wintney and through Church Crookham (past Redfields GC) to take in the climb of Ewshot bank. Straight over the top, bypassing Crondall, brings you out on the hill above Bentley, which we descended, passing many club cyclists and flotsam from the morning's time trial on the A31. We traversed the A31 and rapidly took a right for Binstead. I coursed our way towards East Worldham, where on account of rising drizzle I short circuited and nose dived to Alton. Fred needed help zipping his rain jacket up and my fatherly skills were brought to bear. We arrived Costa Coffee Alton in a shower of heavy drizzle, rather soaked, at 11:05am.

A sharp intake of drugs and biscuits later, we headed out the back of Alton up a fabulous climb towards Golden Pot - not the main road. I think Ranjit knows it, but I had never been up. Fred and Adam had been 100% lost and in the dark until the top of this climb, where Fred recognised the place but Adam was still as lost and puzzled as ever he was. Then the sun came out and blue sky smiled. The roads dried out, for a while.

Heading back from Golden Pot towards Lower Froyle we actually took an early sharp left and went down to South Warnborough along Pickaxe Lane, a very narrow leafy thing. The little road to Upton Grey and Tunworth next took us to familiar lanes for Mapledurwell and Newnham. Eventually, and without tiring too much, we made excellent progress through Stratfield Saye to the outskirts of Reading.

Home indeed by 1:10pm, with eroded Campag Delta brake shoes, my last set ! The brakes themselves will have to go in the bin now :-(

148 average heart rate, 109km (66 miles) in 3 hours 42 minutes, avge 18mph. 900m vertical, max gradient 10%. No punctures, no crashes.


Ranjit Bahra led the main Brisk ride:

This was one of the handful "essential rides" I had to cram in whilst the weather is still sort of ok. The route designed for endurance over distance, hills with plenty descents and flat for speed. I set of with nine other riders: Paul M, Paul E, another Paul, Nigel, Nick, Dave, Jim, Mark and Mike Dicker who seemed to be on an odyssey of his own and was later seen riding in the Red Kite Marlow sportive!

Overall quite a testing route with plenty of hills, wee all had a great ride, no one cursing except me to myself. The weather wasn't too bad, some fine mist once we hit Britwell Hill, the bikes were still clean, legs knackered but still had enough energy to get home.

Stats half way to Prestwood from Wokingham 52.7 miles, from Reading est 44.7m (72 km at 17.4mph/28.2kph

Route out: Reading-->Henley-->Remenham Hill to Marlow and up Oxford/Marlow Rd to Fingest-->Windmill Hill to Ibstone-->descent to West Wycombe-->Slough Lane to Speen (more hills)-->Hougeston Valley-->Cryers Hill-->Prestwood by 11.35.

Route back: Prestwood-->Butlers Cross-->Terrick-->Lt to Risborough Rd-->straight for miles to Chinnor-->Lewknor-->Kingston Blount-->down Aston Hill-->Chain gang to Watlington-->Britwell Hill-->Nettlebed-->three of us headed down Bix Hill to Henley /Twyford & Wokingham, the other 6 to Reading via Rotherfield P{eppard & Sonning.

Final stats to W'ham 98miles at 17.1mph, Reading est 87 miles/140km at same speed or slightly more.


Darren Parker led an eventful fast ride:

I led to garden centre next to Birdworld just outside Farnham. Group consisted of Nick D, Paul G, Ben K, Jordi the Spaniard and I. Good route, shame about the conditions which did not improve at all the whole ride. On the way back we were going full bore on a slight uphill at 39kph in the wet and crashed and burned negotiating a roundabout. There was a drain cover on the inside which did not help. Jordi and Ben went down, In taking avoidance action Nick hit the curb hard attempting to bunnyhop it, causing loud bang as the tube exploded. Paul G and I somehow avoided everything. Everyone is more or less ok, although the next few days may not feel that way for some. After a bit of attention all bikes were ridable although left brakelever on Jordis bike is destroyed.
And so like aeroplanes taxiing on a runway we made our slow way home. I picked a flint out of the rear tyre when I got home and it promptly went flat straight away. Fair to say we have had better days.
Stats for ride irrelevant.