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Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 22nd July 2012

By rod - Posted on 24 July 2012

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 22nd July 2012

Woodford produces a stunning ride in the National 24-hour Time Trial Championship to claim 5th overall.

National 24-hour Time Trial Championship

Photo caption: Greg Woodford rode day and night to set a new club record for the 24-hour time trial
Photo credit: Rod Mac Fadyen

The weekend saw the annual running of Britain's only 24-hour time trial. Promoted by Mersey Road Club, the object of the exercise is simple: amass as mileage as possible on your bike in a precisely measured 24-hour period. Readings CC's Gregory Woodford used his time to great effect and by end of the day had built a stunning ride to place 5th overall and take the existing Reading CC club record for 24 hours to a whole new level. That record which was set in 1989 stood at 417 miles. Woodford has now lifted it to 462.605 miles.
Woodford has been showing great form all season with several high placings and excellent times at all distances. The 24-hour Championship has been waiting as a major aim. A tired Woodford reports: "The 24 hour was a new challenge for me and I have been anticipating it all year. This time trial is ridden for 24 hours non-stop, all the riders ride through the night and keep going until their 24 hours is up. Luckily the weather was outstanding, still and cool on the first day and warm with a steady breeze on the second day. The atmosphere was incredible with whole families staying up all night to cheer the riders on. The two hardest parts for me were the 03.00 to 05.00 stint just before dawn and then at 09.00 when I realized there was still over 4 hours to go. This event was a one-off ride for me and I achieved my targets in coming fifth overall. Now, two days later, I am still stiff and tired. Parts of my body were numb after the event and the soles of my feet are still not back in the land of the living. My legs are sore, although that is quite usual after an event, and my shoulders and trapezius muscles are really stiff and sore." He continued: "Rider support is vital and I was able to do this only through the support of my wife, Claire, without her it would not have been possible to complete the mileage." Forty-five riders were credited with a distance while eleven riders failed to finish.
Woodford's racing season continues with another long distance event, the CC Breckland 12-hour in two week's time, another key target for the year.

RTTC National Championship 24-hour Time Trial, selected results:
1 Ultan Coyle, Rapha Condor CC, 488.993
2 Stuart Birnie, Willesden CC, 480.723
3 Ishmael Burdeau, GS Gazzetta, 472.332
4 Peter Moon, Eastbourne Rovers CC, 471.18
5 Gregory Woodford, Reading CC, 462.605

In the same event, Local riders Ralph Dadswell (Antelope RT) and Marina Bloom (Born to Bike) set a competition record for tandem tricycle with a distance of 424.806 miles.

Sunday Clubrun
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Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club