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Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 24 June 2012

By rod - Posted on 26 June 2012

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 24 June 2012

Stuart Williams wins at Eelmore plus lots of time-trial news.

Photo caption: Stuart Williams was elated to win at Eelmore

Stuart Williams: Racing to Success at Eelmore
Stuart Williams has been racing the circuit series at Eelmore in Surry with some success. In the most recent event he left his breakaway companions behind to cross the line as the lone winner. He reports on his experiences so far: "So far I have raced 6 of the 9 rounds of the 3rd / 4th category races. In the first round I managed to get into a breakaway of 6 riders which stayed away from the main field for the last 30 minutes, I claimed 2nd place in the final sprint. I had a couple of rounds without making it into the points but then picked up two 9th placed finishes. The most recent race on the 20th June, my legs felt strong so I planned to sit in for the first 45 minutes then attack with 15 minutes to go. With 6 laps remaining I sprinted off the front and gained a good gap over the peloton. I thought I was on my own but coming to the front was Python RT's Darren Parker which was a nice surprise! We worked well together and pulled out a few more seconds over the main field. Two riders managed to bridge across to us a lap or two later. The peloton realised they would have to start chasing harder than they were doing so the gap was going down over the last couple of laps. The four of us took the bell with the main field around 10 seconds back. With half a lap to go I sprinted away from my breakaway companions who were swallowed up by the bunch shortly after. I rounded the final hairpin and started the long drag to the finish line, a quick look behind showed me the field closing in, with 200m to go I put everything I had left into a sprint and managed to hold off the bunch by a few metres! This win gained me 10 BC ranking points and a bit of pocket money as well."

Reading CC 25-mile Time Trial Championship
Greg Woodford is the club 25-mile champion after a narrow but clear win on the testing Fifield 25-mile circuit. Woodford's 59:26 bested Adam Thompson with 01:00:18 and Callum Hughes with 01:00:30.

Bristol South CC 50-mile Time Trial
Greg Woodford placed an excellent 3rd in the Bristol South CC '50' on a windy morning, reporting: "The wind was very strong and I made a mistake in using my rear disk wheel. Strong cross winds upset any effort in getting a good speed up. I took it reasonably steady on parts of the course as I was being blown all over the road. I certainly could have ridden harder and I was held up at traffic lights and slow moving traffic through the one village we went through."
Bristol South CC '50' selected results (22 finishers):
1 Mark Ashurst Somerset RC 01:58:05
3 Gregory Woodford Reading CC 02:00:15

Otley CC 50-mile Time Trial
Veteran Barry Quick rode the Otley CC 50-mile test on the Boroughbridge course in Yorkshire: "The horrendous weather forecasts almost put me off but I wanted an opportunity to ride on the course which was so famous during the 70's and 80's. As it turned out the weather stayed dry and the wind moderated somewhat so, while there was no chance of achieving a PB, it was at least good training. I recorded 2:08:40 which I was pleased with in the circumstances. The event was won by Derek Parkinson of in an impressive 1:46:05, over 4 mins faster than his nearest rival. At the HQ afterwards I met Keith Webb, who used to be a member of the Bon Amis CC in Reading before it amalgamated to form Reading CC. He now resides in Yorkshire with his wife Joyce and they were timekeeping at the event. Keith Webb remembers many riders from his time in Reading and asked to be remembered to John Barnes, Dave Gaida, Keith Denton and any other members who may remember him and extended an invitation to any RCC member riding in his area to contact him, via Otley CC, for free accommodation."

Chris Hart Memorial 10-mile Time Trial
Chris Hart, who died in 2011, was a stalwart of the Reading area time-trialling scene, latterly as a very competent and active local official. The Chris Hart memorial 10-mile time trial on the A4 at Knowl Hill was organised to commemorate his long and varied life. Reading CC supported the event with an entry of seven riders of whom Martin Cairns was the fastest.

Chris Hart Memorial '10', selected results (50 finishers):
1 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy RT 21:07
10 Martin Cairns Reading CC 23:24
12 Huw Dymond Reading CC 23:33
13 Adam Thompson Reading CC 23:40
19 Chris Thomsett (Jn) Reading CC 23:51
23 Roderick MacFadyen Reading CC 24:32
34 Steve Fleming Reading CC 26:33
39 Michael Zuill Reading CC 27:53

National 50-mile Time Trial Championship
AW Cycles riders Ken Buckley and Nick English travelled to Cornwall for the National 50-mile time trial championship. Buckley: "I had really low expectations going into the race as I have been having a tough time in training and done very little preparation so was over the moon to place inside the top 20. I was a couple of minutes off the pace I should be at but was glad to get round in one piece and not be blown off the bike by the strong winds. Nick is coming back into some superb form."
National '50' selected results (55 finishers):
1 Michael Hutchinson In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 01:40:35
13 Nick English AW 01:51:51
17 Ken Buckley Reading CC 01:54:28

Sunday Clubrun
All groups leave Reading Market Place at 9am on Sundays.

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