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Insurance cover for leaders of Club Runs and Social Rides

RCC is affiliated to the Cycling UK (formerly CTC), and through this

affiliation the club obtains insurance cover against claims made

against ride leaders or organisers for injury or damage caused to a

third party who alleges such loss, injury or damage resulted from the

leader’s negligence.

The terms and conditions for this insurance cover were revised by the

CTC in October 2011 to include more specific requirements that the

organiser and participants on the ride be identified and recorded.

For peace of mind, RCC is notifying Cycling UK of our regular club ride

leaders, and recommending that club ride leaders are aware of all

participants on the ride, ideally through collection of names. To this

end we encourage club members to let the Club Run Secretary know in

advance that they are offering to lead a ride, and to email out a ride

report afterwards recording riders who were present and the highlights

of the ride.  

Members can find full details of the Organiser's Liability Cover here:

The current list of regular club ride leaders registered with the Cycling UK

is shown below. To have your name added to this list, please contact

RCC's Club Run Secretary, listed on the committee page

Nigel Elliott
Jed Ellerby
Ranjit Bahra
Patrick Ashcroft
Trevor Warwick
Luca Romita
Andrew Brady
Geoff Brown
Jeremy Chadwick
Steve Ferry
Rod MacFadyen
Darren Parker
James Scrivener
Peter Corfe
Paul East
Alex Matthew Gara
Ian Deeprose
John Frisby
Arthur Satterley
Natalie Teresina Bravo
Christina Gustatson
Kamelia Stoyanova
Lucy Partridge
Graham Regan
Ian Macro
Dave Browning
Gary Baker
James  Scrivener
Brian Perry
Mike Fenwick
Alan Thorpe
Chris Goslar
Sean Hayden
Mick Simmonds
Malcolm Nicholas
Glenn Wass
Sue Nicholas
Chris Rutter
Ian Deeprose
Bob Birt
Brian Perry
Dave Stewart

[List current at 9 Sep 2017]