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Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 28 August 2011

By rod - Posted on 31 August 2011

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 28 August 2011

Paris-Brest-Paris 2011: RCC's three heroes

Paris-Brest-Paris represents the summit of audax events. The distance is 1230km and the event takes place only once every four years. Qualifying is no simple matter, would-be participants first have to complete a series of brevets at 200 km, 300 km, 400 km and 600 km distance. In Audax the emphasis is on self-sufficiency. Riders can buy supplies anywhere along the course but vehicle support is prohibited except at checkpoints. There is a 90-hour time limit for completion. This year Reading CC was represented by Steve Ferry, Mike Fenwick and Doug Aspinall. They all completed within the time limit although the effort involved was huge.

Steve Ferry writes: "Mike and I finished PBP in 82 hours. The event for us began on Monday morning. We chose the free start after the mass depart and realised that we would have to ride on our own. This meant using more energy than we would have done in the mass start. Monday was marked by massive thunderstorms and very heavy rain. We got to Loudeac (445km) at 4:45am had an hour or two of sleep. On Tuesday we rode to Brest and back to Loudeac for another couple of hours sleep. This was the hilliest section of the ride and we only covered 340km in the day. Wednesday was to be the day of my sleep deprivation. After the Fourgeres control I had to lie down at the side of the road for a nap.
Mike rode on ahead and we met up again at the Villaines control. We started to Mortagne together but it was clear that I was going to
struggle with tiredness. At Mortagne I ate and slept at the dining table. Only 308 km on that day but just 140km remained. On Thursday we set off just before sunrise and made Dreux at 9:30am. Mike was suffering with dehydration and salt loss and needed a little time to pull himself together. We set off in the sun for what was to be the longest 65 km we had ever ridden. Mike was really suffering and every slight incline looked like it was going to bring him to a stop. We crawled into Paris and finally rounded the final bend to be met by a crowd clapping us in. We had finished. We parked our bikes got our brevet cards stamped and went to the beer tent. We took a taxi back to the hotel and had a picnic meal with Doug Aspinall who was staying in the same hotel. Doug is 70 and has been suffering from illness however he looked better at the end than me and Mike."
Ferry concluded: "This ride is of a different character than any other I have ever done. The route itself is not hard or very interesting, it is the atmosphere created by the French that makes the difference. Where else in the world would almost every village and small town on the route clap you through and offer you water, coffee and cake. "

Fenwick: "Steve has been a great source of advice about all things audax. Doug had a good plan for his ride which comes from experience. I am ill disciplined at eating and drinking enough but we all got there in the end."

Aspinall: "It was an emotional feeling when I finished after 86 hours 31 minutes on the go. This was 2 hours 30 better than my time in 2003. My thoughts about the ride were much the same as Steve's. The local villages were magnificent in their support for us and all along the route everyone had great respect for the riders. Even car drivers. It was a great feeling to ride with 5225 other like-minded souls from all over
the world. I was glad that I opted for the Sunday evening start and so structured my rest times to be in the night as this meant less riding in the dark even though my first leg was 525km. Having just 68km to do on the last day was enough. Would I do it again ? We shall see."

Photo caption: Steve Ferry, Mike Fenwick and Doug Aspinall smile before cycling from Paris to Brest to Paris

Time Trials
Westerley CC 25, Marlow
A cool morning greeted riders in the Westerley CC 25-mile event at Marlow. Jerone Walters of La Fuga Sigma Sport shaded local rider Adam Topham by 6 seconds to score a narrow win. Reading CC were represented by the veteran trio of Barry Quick, Rod MacFadyen and Dave Gaida.
Quick: "I found it to be a very hard ride out to the turn. I managed a modest 1:2:48." MacFadyen was Reading's quickest rider, edging inside the hour.
Westerley RC 25 (88 finishers) selected results:
1 Jerone Walters La Fuga Sigma Sport 00:51:52
34 Roderick MacFadyen Reading CC / MAR services / Hale Parnership 00:59:49
54 Barry Quick Reading CC / MAR services / Hale Parnership 01:02:48
87 Dave Gaida Reading CC / MAR services / Hale Parnership 01:16:39

Yorkshire Velo '10'
Barry Quick travelled to the V718 course near Hull for the Yorkshire Velo middlemarkers 10, remarking: "This is a fast course. The event was held on Sunday afternoon and in the morning the weather appeared perfect and I was hopeful of a good time despite still having the hangover in my legs from the previous weekends 12hr. As the morning progressed the wind increased and it was blowing strongly by the time I started.
It was a great run out to the turn with the wind and I averaged 28mph feeling really good. Reality struck with a vengeance on the return leg into the wind and my average dropped and dropped despite my best efforts. I finished with a time of 22:54 which, in the circumstances, I was very pleased with."

Sunday Clubrun
All groups leave Reading Market Place at 9am on Sundays.

Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club