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Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 7th August 2011

By rod - Posted on 10 August 2011

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 7th August 2011

Ken Buckley completes 11-hour Ironman triathlon.

UK Ironman Triathlon
Reading CC's Ken Buckley finished an excellent 211th place out of over 1000 finishers in the UK Ironman Triathlon in Bolton on the 31st July. Buckley has been training for this daunting event for the past 9 months. The male winner was professional triathlete Aaron Farlow who completed the course in 8.24:34. Buckley crossed the finish line less than 2 hours later having taken 11.15:36.
Triathlon consists of three disciplines taken in sequence. This event included a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike leg, finishing with a full marathon. Buckley's splits included a notably quick bike section which was the 36th fastest of the day.
Buckley reports: "I'm really pleased to have finished such a crazy event. I'm envious of people who can still run a fast marathon regardless of the 2.4mile swim and 112mile bike that they completed before hand! Having somehow forgotten to eat breakfast I completed the swim ten minutes ahead of my schedule. The bike went exactly to plan, I managed to just about average 20mph on a course that had almost 7300 feet of climbing, despite snapping a spoke with 15 miles left to ride. The marathon was the tough part as I was in pain just 5 miles in to it so the mental games to keep moving began sooner than I'd hoped. I finished the marathon in 4:25, just 30minutes slower than i did the London marathon in this year... minus a couple of toe nails! I was greeted by a set of beaming parents at the finish for an emotional end to a long 9 months of training. I'm just starting to feel recovered. I don't plan to put myself through that again anytime soon! Going to bring my focuses back to Time trialling now."

Photo Caption: Ken Buckley can now call himself an Ironman
Photo Credit: Lewis Cleveland

BDCA 50-mile time trial
Nick English raced the BDCA 50 on Saturday afternoon on the fast Etwall course: "Conditions weren't terrible but not great either and I passed though 20 miles in a bit over 44mins. This left me less than an hour to complete the last 30 miles if I was to match my PB from the course and put in a decent marker for the BBAR. Once round the turn it was clear why it had been so slow out, with the first 5 miles or so back averaging 34.5mph. Unfortunately there is then a slower dog leg of about 8 miles before the run to the finish where I again was averaging over 31mph. I was affected by cramp in this section (my body doesn't seem to like the longer distances!) but managed to ride through it and I don't think that lost me too much time. by the last mile I knew it would be very close with my pb, but a massive effort to sprint at the end netted me 5s quicker than last year with a 1:43.23. The very strong field meant that that just left me in 8th place. The British Best All Rounder competition is looking very competitive this year ahead of the main 12 hour time-trials, despitemy setting faster times so far than last year I'm currently placing worse!"

Rod MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club