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Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 21 Nov 2010

By rod - Posted on 24 November 2010

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 21 Nov 2010

Behind the Bikeshed cyclo-cross race, Thruxton

Brian Bingham (veteran) and Steve Bale (senior) represented Reading CC
at the Behind the Bikeshed cyclo-cross race at Thuxton at the weekend.
Bingham was pleased with his performance in a veteran's race won by Sean
Williams, Whitelink. Bingham reports: "It was an extraordinary course as
it was totally on grass and open to the elements, especially the wind,
yet still bone dry. This made for fast riding from the off with many
switch backs up and down a bank. This made good viewing for spectators.
I was in a train of riders initially but we got whittled down to two by
the uphill surges of a Hargroves rider. Eventually he rode away from me
but I kept the chasing pack at bay to finish in 21st spot. Steve Jones,
second claim for Reading CC, took 19th."
Steve Bale adds: "A new cyclo-cross venue, the organiser did an amazing
job to make a very small area of grass into a good circuit with lots of
twists and off camber turns. I fell off in the first lap but it wasn't
until I crossed the line that I noticed the blood over my shoes and a
hole in my sock where I had clocked my ankle. But it was not serious and
didn't affect my race. I did OK but the field around me seems to have
improved this season. Then again with the split in the seniors and vets
I may be the oldest rider there! I was 18th out of the 30 starts." The
senior race was won by Crispin Doyle of Swindon RC.

Photo caption: Steve Bale suffered in the Thruxton cyclo-cross
Photo credit: Graham Robins

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