You are hereReading CC press report week ending Sunday 3 October 2010

Reading CC press report week ending Sunday 3 October 2010

By rod - Posted on 05 October 2010

Reading CC press report week ending Sunday 3 October 2010

Reading CC's LVRC road race on a wet Sunday, plus sportive news.

Photo caption: Wayne Thomas organised Reading CC's successful veteran's
road race

Reading CC LVRC Veterans Road Races

On Sunday Reading CC hosted the finale of the Percy Stallard National
Road Race Series for veteran riders, promoting three races divided by
age category. Riders came from all over the country to compete on the
tough sporting course based on the 8 mile Stoke
Row-Highmoor-Nettlebed-Nuffield circuit. The day was made tougher with
very wet conditions. The area is flinty and with all the rain there were
inevitably many punctures. Thus each race became a war of attrition.
Despite this there was some very spirited racing.

Race 1 (A/B 40-49 age group) - 7 laps 55m

A small group of riders started in steady rain just after 10:00. Shortly
after de-neutralisation, Paul Caton tested the others legs but was
quickly caught. In a classic counter attack, Reading CC's Peter Graham,
put in a strong attack and got a significant gap. The race speed
increased as the bunch worried about the size of Graham's lead. With the
second lap being completed in a ferocious 20 minutes, Richard Bremner
and David Haydon were shelled out of the back - though persevered to the
finish. Graham was then caught. The next few laps were calm, with the
race proceeding at a steady 22 minutes per lap. Jon Stephenson, and then
Matt Reader put on the pressure on the climb to the finish line on
successive laps. The cumulative effect of this was that Graham was
dropped with three laps to go. This left just three riders together at
the front. Unfortunately Reader punctured, rejoining the race in last
place. Caton and Stephenson looked very evenly matched. Shortly after
crossing the line for the bell, Stephenson punctured, though rejoined
some 90 seconds or so later, leaving Caton out on his own, at which
point the race was halted, with Caton being declared the winner,
Stephenson second, and Graham still riding hard but several minutes
down, as third. Only six riders finished.

Reading's Peter Graham described his race: "It was an awful wet day.
When the race proper started after the neutralised section, Paul Caton (
Anders TMG Horizon) attacked but was quickly brought back. I then
decided to test the waters and went as hard as I could from The Dog &
Duck all the way to Nettlebed. On reaching Nettlebed I glanced back to
see what distance I had, to my surprise I couldn`t see anyone behind.
This left me with in a situation; I could continue for the next 50 miles
or ease back and hope someone joined me. So I eased back to 80% effort
and waited. After 1 complete lap I was joined by 5 riders making us a
group of 6. I followed the wheels in front of me for the next lap. By
then I was being asked by my fellow escapees to contribute to our
overall effort, which I dutifully did. It wasn`t the most coherent break
that I`ve ever been in but it was working. On lap 4 we lost one rider
due to a puncture but we kept our momentum going and the miles clicked
away. On lap 5 I had bad stomach problems and this was my undoing, on
the penultimate climb of Whetherridge Hill I couldn`t go into the red to
follow my companions. I eventually rolled in a very tired but happy
3rd." Graham added, "I would like to thank everyone from Reading CC who
helped in putting on the LVRC race at the weekend. It was extremely well
marshalled and organised from the signing on at the beginning to the
excellent catering provided at the end."

Race 2 (C/D 50-59 age group) - 6 laps 48m

This was a highly animated group and with a "no prisoners" mentality
apparent from the off the peloton was soon split in to several groups.
It eventually came down to a hard core group containing Ian Akhurst,
Malcolm Whitehead, Jim Moffatt, Ralph Keeler, Steve Jolley and Marcus
Walker. Akhurst led them home in a very tight finish from Whitehead at a
mere 0.167 secs with Steve Jolley third. Andy Donaldson came in on his
own over 3 minutes down, and Pete Jeans and Ken Jones soldiered on the
finish. Ten riders finished.

Race 3 (E/F/G -60-75 age group) - 5 laps 40m

If race 2 was animated, race 3 was "on fire", dominated by those hard
men of the LVRC, Alan Kemp, Don Parry and Tony Woodcock. Another war of
attrition and some hard riding up through the finishing climb on every
lap did the damage. On the final climb Kemp applied the pressure at the
200m to go flag and pulled clear of Parry by six seconds, followed by
Woodcock at 15 seconds. Gordon Smith battled on well for fourth at 2
mins 38secs. All three G's had signed on but only wily old Peter Ryalls
was left at the end with Jeff Hardy coming home at 25 mins 35 secs. Only
eight riders finished.

As a result of the highly appreciated standard of organisation and
support, race organiser Wayne Thomas has been asked to consider
organising the 2011 LVRC National Road Race Championship.


Autumn Epic
The route of the Autumn Epic takes riders on a 155km grand tour of the
county of Radnorshire, which stretches from the Welsh Marches into
mid-Wales. Greg Woodford, Nick Crocker and Mike Fenwick were there from
Reading CC. Fenwick describes their event: "The weather during the night
had been very poor and it was raining at the start. There was a lot of
debris in the roads. After a few miles Nick punctured. Greg and myself
cycled on and worked together. At the top of the main climb near Elan
Reservoir I had to stop to cut holes in my waterproof socks. They had
done a good job of keeping the water IN. At about the half way point
Greg punctured. I was now on country lanes between Welsh hillside farms.
Many of the fields were flooded. Several times the lanes resembled lakes
and the water was deep enough to cover the bikes chainrings. However sun
replaced the rain and back on A roads I was passing riders. It appeared
many riders had opted to take a shortcut missing out 25km around Elan
Reservoir and some of the most beautiful scenery. Back at HQ I found
Nick that had returned early after his puncture. Greg finished his ride
having suffered three punctures."

Blenheim Palace Sportive
Graham Ide rode the Blenheim Palace 100 sportive on Sunday. "The weather
was not great all day, strong winds and persistent rain did not make for
a great day's riding. The first few miles was spent trying to ride into
the wind and avoid being blown off the bike. But once I got into my
stride, things became a little easier. The bacon rolls and soup provided
at the feed stops were most welcome. A hilly course made for a testing
ride but, weather aside, an enjoyable one. Finished in around 6 and half
hours, very close to last years' time which was ridden in much better
weather. I was pleased with the ride and my time."

Sunday Clubrun
All groups leave Reading Market Place at 9am on Sundays.

Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club