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Reading CC Hillingdon Crit

By twarwick - Posted on 17 May 2010

Reading CC Hillingdon Crit

As most of you will be aware we ran the second event in the our Road Race series on Saturday with the Reading only Crit, which despite a few worries that we may not have enough numbers, ended up being a cracking race. Just over 20 riders signed on for the 1 hour plus 5 laps race and what turned out to be the best day of the weekend.

After a moderately paced opening lap to keep everyone together the spirited racing soon started with Pete Graham starting in attacking mood which he kept up for most of the afternoon. The attacks continued from other riders with Nick English prominent and active. After about half a dozen laps (not sure perhaps someone can confirm) Nick managed to get away and I think most people in the bunch thought: "Great, leave him there for a while, and we will reel him in a bit later."

At one time one rider (Jun Aishima I think) managed to bridge but then dropped back. After that for the middle portion of the race the bunch was well organised and put in a solid effort to trial to reel in Nick with a lot of people taking turns. Big contributions came from Joe Harris, Stephen Bale, Greg Woodford and Simon Notley with others supporting. The bunch did manage to bring the gap down to circa 10 sec at one point but this was the closest they got to Nick who then showed real class and rode away winning comfortably ( I am not sure of the final time gap but I think it was more than a minute Mark did you have that info?) and so claim the win, 10 points and the title of Emerging Road Racer of the Year.

Once it was clear that the bunch were not going to catch Nick the attacking resumed but despite spirited efforts no one else was allowed to get away. At the bell Greg Woodford found himself on the front leading out Stephen Bale both closely marked by the bunch. As the group came round the final bend Joe Harris went for a long sprint and was strong enough to hold everyone else off to secure a deserved sprint and second place closely followed by John Snead.

Full Result

1. Nick English 10 points

2. Joe harris 9 points

3. John Snead 8 points

4. Simon Notley 7 points

5. Wayne Thomas 6 points

6. Murray Hogge 5 points

7. Stephen Bale 4 points

8. Nick Davies 3 points

9. Peter graham 2 points

10. Fred Hale 1 points

Following the second round Simon Notley is the deserved leader to the Reading Road Race Series after two events but with a lot of competition close by:

RR Series after Two Rounds

1. Simon Notley 11 points

2. Nick English & John Snead 10 points

3. Stephen Bale & Joe Harris 9 points

4. Nick Davies & Wayne Thomas 6 points

5. Murray Hogge 5 points

6. Pete Graham 2 points

7. Dave Harmsworth & Fred Hale 1 points

Next round of the series is June 19th Hillingdon 2/3/4, please note although entry on the line is OK this will be a popular event so you may want to pre-enter, closing date in May 28th.

John Snead