You are hereReading Cycling Club press report, week ending 20th December 2009

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 20th December 2009

By rod - Posted on 22 December 2009

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 20th December 2009

Winter has arrived and road cycling is hazardous yet some races have
been taking place.

Photo caption: Roly Chuter, not afraid of a bit of snow


Hillingdon Imperial Winter Series
Roly Chuter took himself to Hillingdon circuit recently despite
offputting weather:
"Riding there in freezing conditions I started to worry about the state
of the circuit and whether the race would be cancelled. However the
Imperial team had done a great job clearing the course (with only one or
two icy patches cordoned off with cones).
This was my first race since stepping up to 3rd Cat status and with the
conditions I was nervous. I settled quickly and the course was pretty
good in the end; only one scary moment when the racer ahead hit a cone
but somehow he managed to keep it upright! There were a few breaks and I
got in a couple but they came to nothing; it was clear that it would
come to a sprint. We suffered the ignominy of being passed by the 4th
Cats but managed to cheer them on all the same!
So, it was shaping up for a sprint until the nagging thought occured to
me to make a break for it. I knew it was the wrong call but you never
really know until you've tried. I went off the front with 3 laps to go
and felt glorious; I was in the lead! Predictably I was brought back
with 2 laps left. That left me 1.5 laps to get my HR down and try to
flush some lactate from my limbs. I positioned myself well for the
sprint but coming up the rise to the line I had little left in the legs
and faded to 9th.
All-in-all I was pleased for my first race at this level but the lesson
has been learned: 'go at the last minute, but before your rivals'".

Calshot Track Series
Paul Stedman says: "Indoor racing is the only sensible option! Max (age
13) and myself rode the Calshot Winter League. It was very cold despite
being indoors. Max and I have been the only Reading riders who have
ridden at Calshot this year which is a pity as it is such a good
facility. If people have not ridden steep wooden boards, they do not
realise what fun they are missing. Max lies in 2nd place in the Junior
League (for under 18s) and I am 2nd in the vets league."

Reading All-Terrain Club / AWCycles Cross race, Checkendon Sunday Dec

Brief results (57 riders)
50 01:03:46 1 laps GLEN FINCH reading CC

Sunday Clubrun
Weather permitting, all groups leave Reading Market Place at 9am on

Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club