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Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending Sunday 11 October 2009

By rod - Posted on 13 October 2009

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending Sunday 11 October 2009

Although the road season is finishing the cyclo-cross season is just
getting going. Gavin Spiers is among those crossing over.

Photo caption: Gavin Spiers was Reading's best-placed rider at the
Didcot Phoenix cyclo-cross event at Newbury showground

Didcot Phoenix Cyclo-Cross

Round 2 of the Wessex League cyclo-cross series featured good
representation from Reading CC. Colin Bates, Steve Bale. Gavin Spiers,
Glen Finch, Duncan Patterson and Steve Millward were among the 100+
riders lined up for the Didcot Phoenix event at Newbury Showground.
Strongman Adrian Lansley of took the win while Gavin
Spiers starred among the Reading contingent despite his lack of CX
Spiers: "The Showground course is a mix of a flat field, some woodland,
a few technical elements and quite a bit of slippery mud. The rain and
conditions didn't seem to deter entrants, I think cross riders like the
bad weather as there is more mud for them to play in! Colin Bates gave
me lots of advice while we were warming up. Armed with this I made sure
at the start that I was as far forwards as possible so that I wouldn't
get stuck behind slower riders going into the singletrack. However I
held too much in reserve and a big group managed to get away from me. I
felt comfortable during the race and was enjoying battling with a couple
of other riders until I lost time when a lapped rider fell in front of
me. Towards the end I was still feeling ok although my big chain ring
was no longer working. Having saved energy for a fast last lap, I was
most disgruntled to find that because two faster guys lapped me just
before I started my last lap I didn't get to do another lap and
therefore couldn't gain any places. Overall I was pleased with my race
considering the course was technical which I feel is a weak area for me.
This was only my third ever cross race, with more training and
experience I hope to move up the placings."
Bale: "I wasn't feeling revved up and got a slow start. At about one
third distance I hit a tarmac section where the low tyre pressures I was
using fooled me into thinking I'd flatted. This was next to the pit area
so I blasted in and checked the wheel but it was completely unnecessary
and it cost me around half a dozen places. With this drama over I
settled into the race and the skills sessions I had done in the week
really paid off as I was comfortable hurtling around the twisty sections
through the trees and over the showground's 4x4 course. I was pleased to
finish with an improved result by comparison to last week."
Colin Bates made a return to racing after six weeks off with a chest
infection. "I was pleased to finish the distance. I held my own in the
technical sections, even re-gaining a few places ground in the middle
third, but my lack of fitness was evident on the fast open stretches and
I tired towards the end."
Selected results:
1. Adrian Lansley,
24. Gavin Spiers
36. Steve Bale
65. Glen Finch
77. Steve Milward
86. Colin Bates
DNF Duncan Patterson

Road Racing
Wayne Thomas competed in a 30 mile 3rd and 4th category circuit race at
Thorney Island near Portsmouth. "I was my best race of the year until I
flatted at half distance. I made it back to the pits area, changed a
wheel, waited out the lap and rejoined the main group although having
taken a lap out I was not allowed to contest the final sprint. The
35-person field was reduced to just 15 by the final lap. I had felt
strong for the whole race and I have no doubt that at least a top 10
finish was on, possibly top 5."

Hillingdon CC 25-mile time trial
Barry Quick and Dave Gaida took part in the Hillingdon CC 25-mile event
held on the Marlow course, traditionally the last local event of the
season. "There was a full field of 120 competitors and we were treated
to a good morning. Early morning drizzle meant the roads were slippery
when the event started but a gentle breeze dried them out and some very
fast times were recorded. I was disappointed not to improve upon last
week's time but still managed my second fastest 25 of what for me has
been a good season."
Gaida: "That is it for 2009 for me, I have done sixteen 25-mile events
this year."
Selected results:-
1. Steve Dennis, East Grinstead CC, 50:11
72. Barry Quick, 1.04:27
86. Dave Gaida, 1.12.55

All groups leave Reading Market Place at 9am on Sundays.

Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club