You are hereReading Cycling Club press report, week ending 12 July 2009

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 12 July 2009

By rod - Posted on 14 July 2009

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 12 July 2009

Paul finds the Guildford criterium almost too hot to handle. Some details about the Anthony Maynard sportive.

Circuit Racing
Paul Elcock, one of Reading CC's most powerful riders, rode the midweek Guildford town centre criterium for Elite, 1st and 2nd category riders. Criterium racing is fast and furious, taking place on tight circuits with many corners. Elcock reports from inside the pack: "There should be a health warning with this race! It was quite unlike any road race I've ever competed in. It required an outrageous mix of lung-bursting efforts and knife-edge handling skills. That's if your bike didn't disintergrate over the cobbles! I was out of the race from the very beginning. Some klutz in front of me could not clip in at the start, losing 100 metres from the lead riders in the first 20 seconds. I was instantly having to chase to get up to the main group. Coming into the corners, braking from high speed, throwing the bike across some curbing I was still not being aggressive enough to get onto the bunch. Through an uphill cobbled section the bike was scrabbling for grip and my exit speed was poor. Catching up was more than just a case of sprint power, the bike was jumping all over the place so getting the power down was only possible in the saddle. I just didn't have the grunt to close down the gaps that were opening - it was not enjoyable! By the third lap I was off the main group and settled in with a group of 2 riders. My intention was to learn the lines, settle into the race before putting on an effort later. However at 10 laps in the front runners lapped me and my race was over. My lungs were burning, my bike had developed strange rattles, and I'd been riding less than 10 minutes!"
Elcock concluded: "Watching the race unfold from the sidelines I learnt a lot about the correct lines, breaking points and where to apply power. I will go back next year for another crack. It is a great event with an excellent atmosphere and the riders who finish are rightfully applauded as warriors of battle! Warrick Spence (CycleFit RT) won the race. His bike handling was sublime and he controlled from the front for most of the race. He took the vast majority of primes too so it was a good night's work for him!"

Anthony Maynard Sportive
It is now a year since the sad loss of Anthony Maynard. In commemoration of his life, this Sunday sees Reading CC's Anthony Maynard sportive. The sportive will offer two challenging routes through the beautiful scenery of the Berkshire Downs. One route is 105km and the other 190km. Online entry is now closed but it will be possible to enter on the day for £30. The event will start and finish at Theale Green School. The HQ offers free parking, changing rooms and showers. There will be food and drink at the HQ all day and also at three checkpoints around the route. Event timing will use electronic transponders attached to the bike, which are detected by special mats placed on the ground at the start, finish and control points. Riders can start from 8am onwards. For more information please contact

Due to the sportive there are no official clubruns on Sunday.

Photo caption: Anthony Maynard, to whom the Reading CC sportive is dedicated


Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club