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Time Trial Course Maps

Ever been baffled by course code numbers? Don’t know your H10/1 from your HCC234? Then fear not! The following links will enlighten you as to the courses that we use for club events. Simply click on a link and it will bring up a map of each course showing start, finish and mile-markers. You can zoom in and pan to your heart’s content!


For official course descriptions please see the London West CTT website. Note that most courses now have Strava segments, so you can search for them by course code on Strava.


Please read the risk assessments for the course before riding an event, this documentation has been done to improve your safety, and the safety of other road users.

Course Code Route Map Risk Assessment
Aldermaston ‘10’ H10/1 files/risk/RA-H10-1.xls
Aldermaston ‘25’ H25/1
For clarity, the route shows the first 15 miles only; you pass the start and repeat the first 10 miles to complete the full distance
Bentley 10 H10/8

Bentley 50 H50/8

Bucklebury HCC201b  
Ewshot HCC175  
Fairmile HCC234 Wallingford Bypass:
Fifield H10/10  
Flint Hill
Start at Goring Station, climb to finish past Flint House.
Maidenhead Thicket '10' H10/2 files/risk/RA-H10-2.docx
Nettlebed - Pishill circuit HCC259 Working on description and map  
Streatley Hill HHC005  
Twyford HCC132  
Waltham HCC234
The circuit is 5 miles so you complete 2 laps