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Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 30 November 2008

By rod - Posted on 02 December 2008

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 30 November 2008

Prizewinners were honoured at the Annual Dinner on Saturday 29th

Annual Awards Dinner and Prize Presentation

Reading Cycling Club held its annual awards dinner and prize
presentation at the Crown at Playhatch on Saturday evening. Tour of
Britain professional cyclist Ian Stannard was guest of honour and handed
out the awards.

Time trialling was dominated by Nick English, Paul Taylor and Trudi
Sammons. Steve Bale was senior Best All Rounder, being one of the few
who completed a 100-mile test. Rob King, Wayne Thomas and Max Steadman
took the road racing trophies. Thomas was accorded club person of the
year for his feat of competing in 101 races over the season. Steve Ferry
took the audax achievement award for his super-long audax rides. Nick
Crocker took the coveted Ride of the Year for his stunning 2nd place in
awful conditions in the Welsh Autumn Epic sportive. List of awards:

Road Racer of the Year, Rob King
Road Race Emerging Talent, Wayne Thomas
Juvenile Road Race Championship, Max Steadman
Roller Racing Championship, Stephen Millward
10-mile TT Handicap Championship, Stephen Bale 155 points
1st 10-mile TT Championship Paul Taylor 21:59
1st 25-mile TT Championship Nick English 54:52:00
1st Vets Std 10-mile TT Championship David Gaida Plus 4:26
1st Vets Std 25-mile TT Championship Greg Woodford Plus 13:38
Fastest 10-mile TT Nick English 20:28
Fastest 25-mile TT Nick English 54:52:00
Fastest 50-mile TT Nick English 01:54:27
Fastest 100-mile TT Stephen Bale 04:12:10
Senior TT BAR Stephen Bale, 24.77 mph
Ladies TT BAR Trudi Sammons, 24.49 mph
Fastest Ladies 10-mile TT Trudi Sammons 22:46
Fastest Ladies 25-mile TT Trudi Sammons 01:03:29
Fastest 1st-year 10-mile TT Clive Alderson 00:22:52
Hilly TT Series Winner Nick English 100 points
Hilly TT Series 1st Vet Stephen Millward 86 points
Hill Climb Champion Paul Taylor
Senior Cyclo Cross Championship, Marian Hecl
Audax & Sportive Achievement, Steve Ferry (Audax Super Randonneur
Club Person of the Year, Wayne Thomas
Ride of the Year, Nick Crocker (Autumn Epic 2nd place)

The evening was skilfully put together by Lucinda Seymour although
proceedings were tinged with sadness, 2008 being a year dominated by the
painful loss of club member Anthony Maynard.

Oxonian Christmas Cyclo-Cross, Wessex League Round 9

Brian Bingham felt rested and ready for the Christmas Oxonian CC
cyclocross event at Oxford Community School. "I liked the chilly
conditions but this made the mud very gloopy. I made up for a sluggish
start by setting a good pace and passed several riders at the half way
mark. There was a greasy downhill section at the far end of the course
where I just had to stay off the brakes. I had a mishap on the last lap
where I failed to jump a log and put my front wheel out of action for a
minute until I realised that the brake was jammed in mud. I was pleased
with my 38th place finish."

Steve Bale: "This is my bogey course with its mix of steep drops,
ascents, and waterlogged grass. In the early laps I was sparring with
Anthony Dyment of NHRC and Stuart Gough of Portiswood Cycles.
Eventually I got the better of Stuart also passing Neil Cooper of AW
Cycles. With 2 laps to go my group caught Darren Morrissey of Swindon
RC. In the final lap Darren fell immediately in front of me causing me
to stop and lose momentum, however a back marker then fell in front of
Darren, allowing me to get back in touch in the last 100m. With just
25m to go it looked like he had it, fortunately I paced it better and
just beat him on the line."

Colin Bates: "The conditions were treacherous, and at the back of the
field there was mayhem. At the start the rider in front of me slipped
and fell while clipping in, bringing me to a halt and getting hit by
the rider behind me. At the third corner, anther rider slid off
immediately in front of me and I got a wheel in the gears from the
rider behind me, not to mention a handlebar in my back. Trying to make
up lost time, I then hit an off- camber gully much too quickly and
ended up in the undergrowth. When my rear brake jammed half-way around
the second lap, that was enough for me and I stopped my race."

Selected results:
1. Adrian Lansey Pedalon 1.06.24
26. Steve Bale Reading CC At 1 lap.
38. Brian Bingham Reading CC At 1 lap.

Dean Bond meets Jamie Staff

Dean Bond writes: I was fortunate enough last Sunday to meet an Olympic
Cycling Medal winner. Jamie Staff, one of the three members of the Gold
Medal winning Team Sprint, was guest of honour at Bracknell Ice Hockey
rink when Bracknell Bees played the Slough Jets.
My family and I got to talk to Jamie about his career that started in
BMX where he became World Champion in 1996. He says he's not lost the
ability to do tricks on a BMX and is able to some of them now on a road
bike that others would find very hard. Since BMX he converted to track
riding and has amassed many medals at Common Wealth Games, World Track
Champs and now the Olympic games in Beijing. His medal tally now means
he's picked up a Bronze, Silver of Gold every year since 2002.
As well as Team Sprint, Jamie also has competed in the Kerin and Kilo
events. I was very interested in his Kilo performance because of my
participation in the 1 Kilometre roller racing inter-club competition at
Didcot every year. He said that the Kilo takes some very specific
training in the gym. In the Team Sprint this year he said he was riding
a 96 inch gear which takes some effort to get going but he then said
that Chris Hoy in the same team was riding a 100 inch gear.
Jamie was very approachable and easy to talk to. He even allowed my son
& I to hold his Gold medal.

All groups leave from Reading Market Square at 9am on Sundays. Newcomers
very welcome.

Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club

Photo caption: Nick English, Ian Stannard, Wayne Thomas and Steve Bale
behind a forest of silverware
Photo credit: Rod MacFadyen