You are hereReading Cycling Club press report, week ending 24 August 2008

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 24 August 2008

By rod - Posted on 26 August 2008

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 24 August 2008

It has been another busy week of racing action for Reading CC.

Road and Circuit Racing

Peter Graham, Wayne Thomas, Paul Steadman, Paul Cooper and Trevor
Bradbury were to be found racing at Hillingdon at the weekend. Graham
reports: "It was a very fast race. I made lots of attacks but the race
wwas still together as the finish approached until 6 riders sneaked off
the front. They built up a lead of about 30secs which they held til the
end. I came in with a very small finishing bunch, as lots of riders
found the pace too high and retired early."

Wayne Thomas has been racing intensively: "8 races in 10 days - is that
a record?
1. Barnsfield Circuit near Bournemouth - foul weather - punctured at
half way point so DNF.
2. LVRC Blackmore circuit, 48 miles, a lovely sunny day with a very
lively race, lots of attacks, however it all came together for a bunch
sprint - I was 9th.
3. Upavon - a very open and windy circuit - finished equal 11th in bunch
4. Hilllingdon Tuesday - even more foul weather and I was delighted to
finish in the bunch.
5. Hillingdon Wednesday, veterans race. A dry but very windy evening, I
finished in the main bunch.
6. Older Men's RR at Ellens Green, Surrey, 60miles. I was 3rd in the
bunch sprint and won my age category.
7. Surrey League race at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, 48 miles. A sunny
but very windy day. I finished well up in the bunch sprint for approx
20th - 90 had started!
8. Upavon on another foul evening. At half way an attack up the hill by
three Chippenham Wheeler riders tore the bunch apart. I had a long chase
with four others to finish in the top 20."

Time Trials

The penultimate midweek event of the season was held on the Swallowfield
bypass 10-mile course. Heavy rain earlier in the day meant only six
hardy souls signed on. Steve Bale had a clear win. Results:

1 STEVE BALE 22-46


Barry Quick returned to France to ride the 4th in a series of 5
sportives he has entered. The 'La Bourboule' takes place in the Massive
du Sancy, a large National Park containing many extinct volcanoes and
natural springs. The route covered 155 Km with 3000m of climbing
through this most beautiful countryside, including a spectacular section
through the Gorges du Courgoul. Quick reports: "The weather was cold and
cloudy with mountain mist and drizzle. The event start was at the base
of a 15 Km long climb that was attacked at great speed resulting in my
being overtaken by what seemed like the whole field. I rode most of the
remaining course on my own except for the food stops where I managed to
work my way back past at least some the field. My target for this year
was to try to achieve Silver Age Standard in these events and I was
pleased to find that I was almost an hour up on this and also ten
minutes up on Gold standard at the second food stop. Misfortune struck
soon afterwards however when I punctured and spent ages trying to remove
a rear tyre which was determined not to come off the wheel. When I
restarted I buried myself for the last 30 Kms in an effort to make up
the lost time and despite everything I was delighted to achieve a Gold
standard for my age group."

Sunday clubrun
Social, medium and fast groups leave Reading Market Place at 9am every
Sunday. This week's destination is Windsor.

Photo caption: Reading CC clubrun on the open road
Photo credit: Rod MacFadyen

Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club