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Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 15 June 2008

By rod - Posted on 17 June 2008

Reading Cycling Club press report, week ending 15 June 2008

This week the club held its 10-mile time trial championship and promoted its annual Open '50'. Reading members rode Sportive events in Britain, France and Italy.

Time Trials
Reading CC Open '50' Time Trial

Sunday morning was the date for Reading's annual open '50' mile time-trial. Event promoter Barry Quick reports: "The event was run off in good conditions on a course located on the A4 between Reading and Newbury. John Tuckett of AW Cycles won with an excellent 1.47:35, beating the top seed Richard Simmons by almost one minute. The introduction of a new pedestrian controlled crossing in Woolhampton did not cause any problems. Numbers were, in common with many events, slightly down on last year's figures but everyone was pleased with the day and the event which was held without incident."
Steve Bale said: "I went out far too strong and got into all kinds of bother, I couldn't get comfortable on the saddle. The wind seemed to gust from all directions, but going west was particularly tough. Happy for my first attempt at the distance."
Dean Bond added, "It was a well organized event as always. The conditions were deceptive, there appeared to be a wind from almost all directions along the course."

Selected results:
1. John Tuckett, AW Cycles, 1:47:35
2. Richard Simmons, London Dynamo, 1:48:27
3. Adam Topham, High Wycombe CC, 1:52:00
4. Dave Pickering, Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, 1:55:14
5. Nick English, Reading CC, 1:56:16
6. Ian White, Farnham RC, 1:56:44
7. Matthew Wakeford, Charlotteville CC, 1:58:02
8. Robert Gilmour, Hounslow & District Wheelers, 1:58:41
9. Robert Watson, North Hants RC, 2:00:35
10. Steve Bale, Reading CC, 2:01:38
Dean Bond, Reading CC, 2:20:34
Barry Quick, Reading CC, 2:22:01

1. Marion Rickman, Bicester Millenium CC, 2:10:09
2. Moira Goodway, Banbury Star CC, 2:14:04
3. Francesca White, Dulwich Paragon, 2:29:55

Reading CC 10-mile Championship
The club 10-mile championship was held on a warm breezy night at Aldermaston. Attendance was good with most of the club's top TT riders present. It was a close fought competition with only 19 seconds separating the top three riders. Paul Taylor came out on top with 21:59. Dave Gaida won the veterans award with a plus of 4:26.
Full result:
1. Paul Taylor, 21:59
2. Nick English, 22:04
3. Peter Graham, 22:18
4. Stephen Bale, 22:38
5. Greg Woodford, 22:50
6. Julian Dale, 23:30
7. Trevor Bradbury, 24:09
8. Brian Bingham, 24:13
9. John Wann, 24:48
10. Rod MacFadyen , 24:49
11. Stephen Fleming, 24:53
12. Paul Cooper, 25:05
13. Nick Davis, 25:13
14. David Bartholomew, 25:35
15. Ross Fitheridge, 26:00
16. Gary Henwood, 26:16
17. Barry Quick, 26:30
18. Dean Bond, 26:51
19. Ian Marco, 26:51
20. Duncan Patterson, 27:20
21. Dean Preston, 27:38
22. Tony Webb, 27:46
23. John Thurgar, 27:56
24. David Gaida, 28:52

Photo caption: Ten-mile testers: Nick English (2nd), Paul Taylor (1st) and Peter Graham (3rd)
Photo credit: Rod MacFadyen


Stephen Holmes rode the Dragon Ride over a 120km hilly route in Wales. This was his main target for the year. He says: "About 2500 riders had entered, so a big field. We approached the Bwlch climb from the south, it kicks up really sharply for the first 200 yards, a bit like Streatley Hill! After four miles of climbing there was a fab descent to Treorchy before we were straight into the next climb, Rhigos. At the top there was a feed station and a stunning view over the Brecon Beacons. Coming out of Neath the road kicks up to Cimla, the third categorised climb before another assault on Bwlch. Flattish roads for the last 10km - my target was to beat 5 hours but I just missed it with an official finish time 5.6:17".

Ian Macro was Reading's representative at the Test Valley Tour Sportive over a 150km route through the country lanes of the New Forest and the Test river valley. "There were perfect riding conditions early on with little wind, sunny but relatively cool. Despite running out of steam in the last hour, I managed to post 5hr 17m 4 secs to come in 21st out of a field of 81. Hazards en route included New Forest ponies standing in the middle of the road, dry fords, cattle grids and some broken road surfaces."

Barry Quick went to France to take part in the Mt Ventoux Sportive near Orange in the south of France. The route covered 170 km with 3,500m of climbing including the legendary mountain Mt Ventoux. The weather was challenging with temperatures of only 4 C at the top of Mt Ventoux and strong winds. Quick comments: "The pace was fast from the start and I slipped backwards through the field initially. I completed in 8h 42m to get a Silver Standard for my age group which was my target."

Andrea Mica rode the "Vatternrundan" in Sweden, a 300km challenge ride round the lake V├Ąttern. This is a large event with registration this year limited to a maximum of 17,500 people. Mica reports, "It took place in wonderful conditions, sunny but not too hot and with a nice breeze. I averaged 17mph riding speed and came in feeling pretty good. I can recommend the Vatternrundan to anyone who would like to ride a long event on beautifully tarmacced roads with no or little traffic and very good organisation."

Social, medium and fast groups leave Reading Market Place at 9am sharp on Sundays.

Roderick MacFadyen
Reading Cycling Club