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Introduction for New Riders

Clubruns are a great way to meet other club members, and for many people, form their introduction to Reading CC, Indeed, a Sunday ride in July 1992 was my own first experience of club cycling. It was during the Tour de France, and a small group rode to the Little Chef (now defunct) in Dorchester. I've been a regular on Clubruns ever since.

You don't have to belong to RCC to go on the rides initially, however, if you come out more than three times, a condition of our Cycling UK liability insurance is that you will need to join the club.

To help you get the most out of the rides, it's recommended that you contact the Clubruns Secretary first, to introduce yourself (number is listed on the main runs page, and on the Committee page). This is so you can be advised on the most appropriate group for you to ride with, based on your experience. It occasionally happens that people turn up unannounced, go off with a group that's beyond their ability, don't enjoy themselves, and are never seen again... We really want to avoid this happening, so please get in touch beforehand if you can.

You should also read the Clubruns Code of Conduct. Don't worry, it's only a couple of pages, but it contains important information about what you should bring with you, and how you're expected to ride in the group. Thanks for reading this far, and enjoy your ride!

Trevor Warwick