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RCC Audax Bulletin 18, 21st May 2018

By david - Posted on 21 May 2018

RCC Audax Bulletin 18, 21st May 2018

The audax season is now well under way, with greater participation from RCC riders than previous years. I've not written a bulletin in some time, having been preoccupied with retirement plans and trying to fit everything into a paradoxically busier life, so I'll give a short summary.

The Kennet Valley Run 200 (KVR) in early March saw the largest ever single entry for RCC, with several riders new to audax joining the long distsance stalwarts. I hope this encourages others to support the local audax events (see below).

The KVR was followed by the Easter Arrow to York, a 24-hour team event starting at 9 am on Good Friday. Team captain Steve Ferry usually extends an invitation to all comers, so the event can resemble a long bike ride crossed with a social experiment. This year's members were myself, Christina, Darren Parker, and James Metcalfe, a man Steve met on the Internet. After a promising start, where the team was accompanied on the way to the first stop in Bicester by several RCC riders, the weather went downhill. By the time we reached Biggleswade in the afternoon very heavy rain had set in and James, shivering uncontrollably, decided to abandon there. The remainder of the team continued to March, with me becoming unhooked about 10km out. At March Steve decided to continue to Grantham but not complete the ride to York. At Grantham and York railway stations we met the remains of other teams from the south of England who had either abandonned or finished out of time.

Steve Ferry, Mark Irons, and Greg Woodford completed the Brevet Cymru 400 on 5th May, enjoyng exceptionally good weather for the ride.

The good weather has continued and last weekend Steve Ferry completed the Bryan Chapman 600. From initial reports it appears that the weather is becoming a little too hot for long distance cycling, requiring unscheduled ice cream stops.

Points Championship
Keen students of word frequency will not be surprised that Steve Ferry has established a healthy lead in the points championship. In second place is David Browning (err, me) with several points from 200 km "DIY" events, where you plan your own route and then ride (generally solo) and provide proof-of-passage for validation. Joint 3rd placed are Peter Corfe and Greg Woodford. See

Forthcoming Events
Three rides, the 100km Alan Furley's Down the Ups, 200km Alan Furley's Up the Downs, and 300km Rural South all start from Beech Hill on Saturday 16th June. See: