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White Roads Challenge 9th July 2017

By brian_perry - Posted on 17 July 2017

Reading CC had several riders in this multicourse event held mainly on The Ridgeway.
Here's their comments

Graham Patterson
White Roads Challenge today, saw some other RCC riders in their new kit - looking good. I took the short option of 110km but it was still tough going, sign posting could have been better but Garmin saved the day. Glad I opted for Schwalbe Marathons @ 28c some of my group had four punctures.

Andy Edwards
 I saw lots of RCC riders resplendent in their new kit. Tried to do the short 100km route missed the turning (my fault sign was clear) and ended up doing 140km. Still got to ride up Dragon Hill and had a nice view of the White horse whilst trying to get back on track!

Gary Barlow
I rode out to the start, arrived a bit late, and everyone had gone. I think numbers were down due to clashing with the wiggle event which also shared some of the same roads. There were signs everywhere. No chip timing, I'm sure they had it last year but good organisation. I did the long one which was a very tough 153k, over 2000m climbing, the gravel was harsh and it was very hot up on the Ridgeway. Avoided punctures and came in just under 6 hours.

I was on a cross bike and could push on the gravel. Someone made a strava segment, pretty happy with a KOM but not many did the long route.