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Velothon Wales 2017

By brian_perry - Posted on 12 July 2017

Lucy Partridge at Velothon Wales

Velothon Wales 09/07/17
Dylan Berry writes:
“Wales decided to treat this event with a great sunny day.
4 people I know of that took part is this great event:
Lucy Partridge 126km, +-1110m EL gain
Stephen Crowley 140km
David Ivory 140km 
Dylan Berry 140km, +- 1500m EL gain
If any others rode please feel free to add.
It started with a couple of bangs and crunches along the first 40km. Many accidents (2 severe ones that I saw). But once everything settled down it was more pleasant to ride in a group and get on with it.
The famous Tumble and Caerphilly mountain awaited us but only after 80km in is where most of the elevation gain would start.
Tumble didn't disappoint as it split the groups. There was no more hiding. Every person for her or himself.
Caerphilly Mountain is not long but it was the sting in the tail towards the end. Again groups split.
Official times as follows:
Lucy Partridge 5hr55min. Ave of 23kmph. A great effort from her and even finishing in top half overall in the ladies Category.
Dylan Berry 3hr56min. Avg 35.8kmph. Finishing top half in the overall men's category.
I managed to recognise Stephen Crowley as he finished. He looked fresh. Wasn't sure if he was doing this as a training ride or just too strong? Managed to have a good chat to him too.
Stephen Crowley 4hr22min. Avg 32.3kmph.
Great effort from him.
David Ivory 4hr03min. Avg 34.8kmh. Great effort from Mr Ivory too.”
Lucy Partridge: “According to my calculations that means Dylan Berry and David Ivory were in the top 90 out of a field 5285! 43rd and 87th respectively. Brilliant job to all very well supported and a great day”