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Magnificat Sportive 2017

By brian_perry - Posted on 12 July 2017

Cindy and Chris Goslar and medals

From Chris Goslar:
Magnificat Sportive Update:
The new RCC kit was still a talking point at the Magnificat today. I fielded several questions and comments. It really does look great and stands out so very well.
Results that i can glean so far:
Long route (125m)
Matt Buckley - 7:45:26 Is Matt an RCC member
 Ian Armstrong - 08:38:54 (silver)
Alan Corcoran - 9:05:58 (silver) 
Chris Goslar - 07:23:19 (Gold)
Simon Tapley - 9:50:20 (Bronze)
Cindy Goslar - 6:43:17 (Gold)
Andy Winter - 7:36:27 (Bronze)
A great days riding. Good route with a fair chunk of climbing! Well organised, excellent signage and an all-round good experience.

Simon Tapley: My time looks shocking! In my defence I was riding with a large group who are not fully cycling fit,and was down about 4mph on my usual average speed!! Great event though!!
Just checked and my time was actually 9:15 and a bit, so not as bad as first appeared! Still not great though