You are hereDragon L'Etape Wales Gran, Medio Fondo and Dragon Tour June 11th 2017

Dragon L'Etape Wales Gran, Medio Fondo and Dragon Tour June 11th 2017

By brian_perry - Posted on 19 June 2017

Dragon L'Etape Wales Gran,  Medio Fondo and Dragon Tour June 11th 2017

Chris Goslar, Jed Ellerby and Brian Perry rode the two long stages of the Dragon Tour prior to riding the Gran Fondo on the Sunday. Cindy Goslar


We had 5 in the Gran Fondo (Jed Ellerby, Chris Goslar, Ranjit Bahra, Peter Tizzard and myself, with Nick Treston and David Ebdon in the Medio. In addition Cindy Goslar rode the Macmillan 100 in the same area.

Brian Perry
I had a really enjoyable ride on the GF - it's a great route, though pretty windy on the day. I'm planning to ride it next year. (4th/5 in my age cat so there's room for improvement!)
The picture is me on the Devil's Elbow climb of the GF and MF - the timed climb of the day.

Peter Tizzard I had a good ride, enjoying the dramatic Welsh scenery under grey skies. Lovely roads that were very smooth in places. The strong winds made going down twitchy, nearly getting blown into the side once then Didi the devil was cheering as we went up the Devil's Elbow. But a bit too much rain and gales made the Black Mountain climb something to remember. 20 miles later at the finish it was all dry.

Nick Treston This was a great ride with a mix of good long climbs, beautiful descents and of course Didi the Devil providing some motivation on the devils elbow. I saw Ranjit at the 2nd feed as I was heading out. I finished in good shape at 24.8km/h average. Excellent training for the Maratona Dolomites in 20 days with Luca.

David Ebdon I had a good ride - actually enjoying the climbs more than the headwind flats & descents. Had a few unscheduled stops for headset maintenance and another for a Cadbury's creme egg :-). Will sign up for next year in the hope for better weather.

Chris Goslar adds:
And, new member Cindy Goslar also completed in the slightly shorter routs for the 3-day event with top 3 in category finish on each day. Day 1's route in a time of 5:35:14 for , Day 2 in 4:09:23 and Day 3 in 4:36:35 for the Macmillan 100. Good work and great to have a female from the club at the event.
Day 1 was mostly dry but grey with some wind. Day 2 was dreadful with many opting not to start and some DNF. Day three was much the same as day 2 in parts, very wet and very, very windy. We did manage to hook up with a peloton for some of the late sections but mostly (for all three days) we were on our own. A definite rule 5 experience.

Jed Ellerby
For those interested in the numbers:

Day 1 - 85 miles, 5,000 feet climbing, 19mph average (sunny weatherm - pretty naff cycle route due to many traffic lights!)
Day 2 - 70 miles, 5,300 feet climbing, 17mph average (brutal weather - (pretty naff cycle route due to many traffic lights!)
Day 3 - 140 miles, 10k+ feet climbing, 16.8mph (tough weather)

The wind was strong enough to blow you off your bike if you got your balance wrong at times and with no glasses, you practically had to close you eyes on some headwind descents as the rain was so piercing. I relied on the sat nav to tell me if there was a bend sometimes as I could barely see.

Top weekends riding !
Chris Goslar Jed Ellerby and I road all three days together as training for the Haute Route Dolomites later this year. Results:
I have computed Day 1 long, Day 2 long and the Day 3 Gran Fondo. 
Results of Dragon Day 1 long ride total 296 riders – 138km / 1560m
Jed Ellerby 22nd with a time of 4:52:07 and category position 3rd
Chris Goslar 23rd with a time of 4:52:08 and category position 8th
Brian Perry 193rd with a time of 6:38:18 and category position 4th
Results of Dragon Day 2 long ride total 325 riders – 114km / 1466m
Jed Ellerby 16th with a time of 4:15:25 and category position 4th
Chris Goslar 17th with the same time and category position 5th
Brian Perry 262nd with a time of 6:08:09 and category position 4th (out of 5!)
Results for Gran Fondo total 1148 riders - 223km / 3616m
Jed Ellerby 94th with time of 8:37:33 and category position 15th
Chris Goslar 95th with same time and category position 22nd
Peter Tizzard 329th with time of 9:33:34 and category position 247th
Brian Perry 684th with time of 10:25:29 and category position 4th
Ranjit Bahra DNF - Hypothermia after the Black Mountain climb drenching rain and fierce descent wind meant Ranjit had to abandon. 
Also taken part:
Medio Fondo – 153km / 2389m
Dave Ebdon with a time of 6:27:52
Nick Treston with a time of 6:35:59
Full results here:

Brian Perry