You are hereTwyford HCC132 10-mile time trial Tuesday 25 April, result

Twyford HCC132 10-mile time trial Tuesday 25 April, result

By sauliusv - Posted on 27 April 2017

At 17.30 it was hailing hard in Reading but over on the Twyford course the roads were dry. With the discouraging weather just six people signed up to ride. A thin and fit Paul Gray bagged 20 DF points but props to all who rode on a very cold evening. The hail was starting again as the last rider handed in his number. On the way home my Garmin got down to 0.5C.
Thanks go to helpers: Ray and Wendy for excellent signage, Graham and Paddy for TK duties.
# Name Club Time
1 Paul Gray RCC 24:51
2 Rob Thompson RCC 26:00
3 Jesse Elzinga Beeline 26:51
4 Ian Armstrong RCC 27:35
5 Craig Donaldson RCC 30:19
6 Duncan Patterson RCC 30:38
Next week we’re back at Twyford with a 19:00 start for another chance to bag DF points, hopefully in warmer weather.