You are hereTuesday 12th July 15-mile Time Trial, Aldermaston

Tuesday 12th July 15-mile Time Trial, Aldermaston

By sauliusv - Posted on 13 July 2016

Tuesday 12th was our final visit to Aldermaston this summer. Some things there never change, the 19:30 start, the artics parked up in the start layby. What was new was to be racing at the 15-mile distance. Conveniently that’s one Thatcham-Theale loop with start/finish both in the usual layby, artics and all.
Huge thanks to Ray Bennett who put out the signage, pushed off and helped with timekeeping, and to Hadyn Rhys James who held the watch.
Conditions were good with dry roads and a slight crosswind. Rod M squeaked out a 2s win over James Churchard.
Aldermaston H15/1 12th July, result:
# Name Club 12-Jul-16
1 Rod MacFadyen RCC 33:33
2 James Churchard RCC 33:35
3 Dan Dale CATI 34:07
4 M Burston RCC 34:11
5 Brian Bingham RCC 36:05
6 Callum Hughes Banjo Cycles 36:17
7 Rob Thompson RCC 36:19
8 K Wyer RCC 37:44
9 John Beer Kingston Phoenix 38:07
10 K Buckley RCC 38:49