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Wiggle Magnificat Sportive 10th July 2016

By brian_perry - Posted on 12 July 2016

Dylan Berry, Adam Davison, James Trahair, Dave Ivory and Ranjit Bahra rode the Wiggle Magnificat Epic from Newbury.

Dave lived up to his reputation for fast sportives, and here's his report:

"Having decided to give the ORRL a miss, I found myself with a rare spare Sunday. I fancied a Sportive in the middle of the English summer, what could be better? I scanned and found the Magnificat based at Newbury Racecourse. They even offered a 200kM, 2000m of climbing Grand Fondo Epic route. I had a sensible weeks prep, the forecast was good, so was really looking forward to it. On the morning the skies were grey with a little drizzle as expected, with a promise of a sunny afternoon. Having set off just after eight am in full summer kit, and summer tyres the heavens began to open gradually. Many riders were suffering punctures early on, but I had no other option but to press on. I came across Matt Hayden, ex RCC now Henley who was riding with his brother. Matt had punctured also. My plan was to stop once at the feed station on the Epic route at 75 miles, as that would be the quietest, for a quick top up and gel. Unfortunately the inevitable puncture struck at 70 miles. A composed change and I was back on my way, but behind schedule. I made the feed station, put some more air in the tyre, crossed my fingers and set off for the last 50 plus miles. I targeted an average speed of 18.5 mph, and was currently at 18.6mph. The ride home was incident free, in nice weather and I managed to increase my average to 18.8mph by the end of the ride. A great route and very satisfying. It was nice that the most challenging climbs were in the first 30 miles. Looking at the results it appears I managed the fastest Epic route time. Some are credited faster, but Strava confirms they cut short onto the standard route.

Facilities were excellent at the Racecourse, and I would recommend this one!"


Ranjit also encountered varied conditions ,and he reports:
"On Sunday 10th July I rode in the Wiggle Magnificat sportive epic route (130 miles, 7270 feet). Facing the prospect of light drizzle we ended up riding in rain until 88 miles has passed. The roads were wet, dirty and miserable, however, heads were down and by 65 miles the speed was 17.5mph average. More than half of the epic field has disappeared to the standard route by the second feed station, didn't bother with the first.It is a great route from Newbury but changed somewhat this year sending us into crappy back lanes. The route headed from Newbury race course towards Ball Hill and Coombe, down to Huntisborne arrant and Stockbridge, back via Kings Norton, Meon and Alresford to Kingsclere. Silver standard, just 15mins outside gold"