You are hereBucklebury circuit CC201b TT Tuesday 5th July

Bucklebury circuit CC201b TT Tuesday 5th July

By sauliusv - Posted on 05 July 2016

Yet more temporary traffic lights just after the start meant a shortened course was used this evening. The finish was in the usual place.
Trevor Warwick, sign-on
James Churchard, Pusher off
Pete Stocker, Timekeeper
Ray & Wendy, signage.

1 Martin Cairns, GSH, 38.28
2 Paul Gray, RCC, 38.58
3 Ant Hough, Tri2o, 39.36
4 Daniel Dale, -, 41.52
5 Paddy Ashcroft, RCC 43.37
6 Rob Thompson, RCC, 43.45
7 Ray and Wendy Bennett, RCC, 44.28