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Club Championship 25-Mile TT, Tuesday 28th June, H25/1 result

By sauliusv - Posted on 01 July 2016

I'd like to say the conditions were good last evening and you should have been there... but they weren't. It was cool, wet and windy and there was a rain shower half way through the event. Hadyn slid off on wet roads at the final roundabout but jumped straight back on his bike to win anyway, putting in a gritty ride to become your 25-mile champion for 2016.

Just as many people showed up in civvies as lycra and I thought I would have more helpers than riders. Thanks go to Ray Bennett for signage, Dave Gaida and Greg Woodford for timekeeping. Thanks also to Shane Rice, Graham Regan and Nick Davies for making the effort to come out and offer help: much appreciated.

Without further ado, here is the result:
1. Haydn Rhys James, RCC, 55:51
2. Rod MacFadyen, RCC, 57:47
3. Paul Grey, RCC, 58:05
4. Dan Dale, CATI, 1.00:27
5. Matt Grey, Newbury RC, 1.01:53
6. Paddy Ashcroft, RCC, 1.07:01 (road bike)

Next week we will have a change of scenery with the first of two summer visits to the Bucklebury circuit.