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Bill Higson - History

By twarwick - Posted on 09 January 2016

Bill Higson - History

Bill Higson was a well-liked and enthusiastic member of Reading Wheelers Cycling Club, and was tragically killed in a road accident in 1965.

The son of Wheelers chairman Stan Higson (who led the club through to 1974 when it amalgamated to become Reading Cycling Club) Bill was a good all-rounder with success on both road and track including wins in the `Presidents 50` (1960 & `61)

He always enjoyed the club Cyclo–Cross, called a `scramble` in those days, and usually ended up in the pond at Burgfield Common, complete with bike, for a post-race `dip`!

Guest of Honour at the Club dinner, Alan Jacob ( a well-known `Independent` rider in the 1960`s) gave the club a trophy, which when suitably engraved became the `Bill Higson Memorial Cup` to be awarded to the winner of the Club`s annual Cyclo-Cross. The first winner was Dave Wren, in 1966.

Photo: Bill riding in the Reading Wheelers `Scramble` in 1964

(Text and photo from Graham Yates, originally published on Wessex CX website