For 2011, we are partnering with SportIdent for both entry processing and event timing. As a result, we expect that the online entry process will be simpler for entrants than the previous system we were using. So to enter, simply click on the button below and a new browser window will open for the entry system. You will need to register an account on the SI system, and you can then enter single or multiple riders for the event, specify the optional charitable donation that you wish to make, and make your payment from a card (debit cards are preferred due to lower charges, but credit cards are acceptable). You'll then be entered in the event and we look forward to seeing you on the 17th.

 NOTE: Online entries close at Midnight on July 10th, but entries on the day are welcomed at a cost of £35 (normal £20 fee plus charity donation). To enter on the day, simply arrive with £35 in cash or a chequebook, in time for the registration as detailed in the rider instructions.